Hong Kong: dissolution of the party Demosisto because of concerns about the safety act

Hong Kong: dissolution du parti Demosisto en raison de craintes concernant la loi sur la sécurité

HONG KONG | The political party of pro-democracy hong kong Demosisto announced Tuesday afternoon its dissolution after the adoption by the chinese Parliament of the controversial law on national security in the territory semi-autonomous.

“After many internal deliberations, we decided to disband and cease activity as a group given the circumstances,” said Demosisto on Twitter.

This announcement was made a few hours after that four young leaders of this party, Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, Jeffrey Ngo and Agnes Chow stated that they were leaving Demosisto.

This party was founded by students at the end of the Movement of Umbrellas in 2014 against the growing power of Beijing in the former british colony.

Love’em by Beijing, they were campaigning in particular for a genuine universal suffrage in the former british colony.

Activists such as Joshua Wong, who has been in detention for their activities, are regularly attacked by the chinese media as “separatists” while Demosisto does not call for the independence of Hong Kong.

He is also accused by Beijing of acting on behalf of foreign powers after he met with political leaders in foreign.

“I will continue to defend my house, Hong Kong, until they reduce me to silence and eliminate me from this earth,” he wrote on Facebook.

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