Hong Kong: “Our resistance will continue” in spite of the invalidation of the nominations

Hong Kong: «Notre résistance se poursuivra» malgré l’invalidation des candidatures

The pro-democracy movement will continue the battle in Hong Kong against the crackdown by the central government in china, has said on Friday, Joshua Wong in the aftermath of the invalidation of 12 candidates in legislative elections, including his own.

“Our resistance will continue and we hope that the world will be at our side in the battles to come,” said at a press conference that had been the face of the “Movement Umbrellas” in 2014.

Dressed in a black t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase “They can’t kill us all”, the activist, 23-year-old has blasted the decision to invalidate the candidatures for the September legislative of many of the opponents the most.

“This is without doubt the period of electoral fraud, the most scandalous in the history of Hong Kong”, said that the authorities had already prevented from presenting themselves to the local elections of November, during which the camp pro-democracy had triumphed.

The invalidation of these applications is an illustration of most of the taken in hand muscular, operated by the central chinese in the former british colony, however, supposed to enjoy a large degree of autonomy until 2047 under the principle of “One country, two systems”.

In response to months of protests in 2019, that were unprecedented since the handover in 1997, Beijing has imposed on Hong Kong at the end of June a controversial bill on national security, denounced by the camp pro-democracy as a legal instrument to stifle any dissent.

On Thursday, the authorities have informed the 12 candidates pro-democracy that they had not the right to stand in legislative elections in September, citing a variety of reasons, including their positions in the past.

The camp pro-democracy hoped to capitalize on the popularity of the protests of the past year, and on his success in the local elections in November, for the first time the majority in the legislative Council (LegCo, the Parliament of the city), which is composed in such a way that it looks normally almost automatically on the side of the Pro-Beijing.

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