Hong Kong: the airport will allow the partial resumption of the transit passengers

Hong Kong: l'aéroport va autoriser la reprise partielle du transit passagers

HONG KONG | Hong Kong will allow the partial recovery, the next week, the transit of passengers through its airport, announced Tuesday the head of the executive branch, whereas the “hub” of the international financial has relaxed the measures taken to combat coronavirus.

The traffic of the airport of the city, one of the largest in the world, collapsed due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

“The transit of passengers through the airport, which was interrupted on march 25, will resume on 1 June,” said the head of the local executive, Carrie Lam at a press conference.

More details on the lifting of restrictions on flights in transit must be notified on Tuesday afternoon during a press briefing of the health authorities.

Hong Kong, which has 7.4 million inhabitants, has been one of the first places in the world to identify cases of new coronavirus after its occurrence in neighbouring China.

But the authorities have conducted an effective policy to fight against this virus. In total, they have identified a thousand cases and four deaths.

Tuesday is the eleventh consecutive day without any cases of local contamination.

Since the end of march, only residents may enter the territory of hong kong and any individual arriving at the airport must submit to a screening test for the virus.

The negative people must all follow a strict quarantine while positive people are placed in solitary confinement.

Bars, gyms, beauty salon, closed in march and April, have since reopened.

Nightclubs, lounges, karaoke and saunas, will be able to re-open their doors on Friday, announced that Ms. Lam.

The airport of Hong Kong is the eighth international airport is the busiest in the world.

By 2019, more than 4.8 million tons of cargo passed through the international hub, as well as more than 71 million passengers.

Last year, the number of arrivals has declined as a result of the protests pro-democracy that have shaken for months the ex-british colony.

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