Hong Kong: The chinese media fustigent the beating of a lawyer by protesters

Hong Kong: Des médias chinois fustigent le passage à tabac d'un avocat par des manifestants

HONG KONG | The chinese media have lashed out Monday against the beating, the previous day by protesters in hong kong, a lawyer in the former british colony, a scene that has been filmed and also condemned by the law society of Hong Kong.

Thousands of people have flooded on Sunday, the streets of Hong Kong to denounce a draft law chinese considered repressive, leading to a sharp response of the riot police, and riot, which had not been seen for months in the former british colony.

A video posted on social networks has also shown a human face in blood, kicked and umbrellas by several demonstrators.

The Bar association in hong kong announced that the victim was one of its members, and had been taken to the hospital.

“Any form of violence, which is a violation of the rule of law, must stop immediately,” the organisation said.

Media in hong kong reported an argument between the victim and the protesters who were in the process of building barricades of fortune.

Hong Kong has been from June to December 2019 on the theatre of events and actions on an almost daily basis to denounce in particular the interference of China in the affairs of their semi-autonomous region.

During this movement, abuses have been committed by all the camps, and operated by the camp in front.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the tabloid chinese Global Times, has taken over the video on Twitter, a social network banned in China.

“Let’s see what it looks like democracy in hong kong, backed by Washington”, he writes.

The People’s Daily has also aired the video on Twitter.

China has been for the past year to describe the protests in hong kong as a subversive conspiracy orchestrated by foreign countries to destabilize the regime.

Hong Kong enjoys a large autonomy compared to the rest of the country led by the communist Party of china (CPC), under the concept of “One country, two systems”, which had led to the retrocession in 1997.

Its residents enjoy the freedom of expression, freedom of the press and an independent judiciary, rights are unknown in mainland China.

This model is supposed to prevail until 2047, but many hong Kong people are denouncing for years of the interference stronger and stronger in Beijing.

And many have interpreted the deposit to the chinese Parliament, Friday, a text designed to prohibit “treason, secession, sedition and subversion” in Hong Kong such as a sprain, the most serious, to this day, to the semi-autonomous hong kong.

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