Hong Kong: Trudeau was right

Hong Kong: Trudeau a raison

Justin Trudeau was right to suspend the treaty on extradition between Canada and Hong Kong. It is not the only one to question the relationship that Canada enjoys with China.

Brian Mulroney has also called for an in-depth review of relations between the two countries. Those who defend China’s Xi Jinping are often courtiers who make a career in international organizations, and who need the support of the chinese government, or people close to billionaires are afraid of losing their investments in China.

The law on the security of Hong Kong, which comes into force on 1 July leaves no doubt as to the intentions of Xi : its government is a savage enemy of the democracies. The democracies have no choice but to react vigorously.

That contains the new law on the security of Hong Kong ?

The new law on the security of Hong Kong is worse than was apprehended. The law punishes the acts of terrorism, promotion of independence, of collusion with the stranger, and subversion. Collusion with the foreign and subversion are defined in terms vague enough to include any criticism of the chinese leadership and the communist system. This is to be expected. But the law will be amazed by the strictest penalties that are incurred. The leaders of the democratic movements and their assistants, face up to life in prison. In addition, the judges have no independence and the trials can be held in secret. But most importantly, the law applies not only to Hong Kong residents, but also to any person in the world who would dare to promote the independence of Hong Kong or even to criticize the chinese government.

Why suspend an extradition treaty ?

With this law, it would be easy for the government of hong kong to seek the extradition to Hong Kong of anyone who has violated the chinese law on the security. Technically, all Canadians would be subject. Given the diplomacy of hostage-taking in which the government of Xi Jinping is committed, one can easily understand the problems of an extradition treaty with Hong Kong.

That will make the defenders of democracy in Hong Kong ?

The democratic movements have decided to dissolve and become illegal. The new security law allows the government of Xi Jinping to do the wiretapping without court warrant, to infiltrate any organisations, including political parties. In fact, historically, the chinese communist Party has always been a master in the art to neutralize and destroy his opponents. The democrats of Hong Kong are juggling with the idea of establishing a democratic government of Hong Kong in exile, possibly in Britain or in Australia.

Other countries are they going to mimic the Canada ?

Very definitely. Twenty countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and India have signed an extradition treaty with Hong Kong, but not with the rest of China. The government of Xi Jinping becoming every day a more masterful and more violent.

Hong Kong could one day become a democracy ?

Now, the democratization of Hong Kong goes by that of China as a whole. This democratization involves the fall of the chinese communist Party. It is unlikely that a such a drop to occur in the short or medium term. But the government of Xi Jinping may not be as robust as it gives the impression.

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