Hope for Canadians stuck in Peru

De l’espoir pour des Canadiens coincés au Pérou

Due to the lack of flights to bring them back to the country, some 200 Canadians stranded in Peru have sought private airlines to be repatriated to the country as soon as possible, which could occur by the end of the month.

Residents of Québec, Marie-Salindre and Pierre Coupel are in the batch. The couple of French origin began in September last year a nine-month journey in South America, aboard a van equipped purchased in Chile. In mid-February, they reached Peru, which has been dipped in quarantine a month later.

The travellers were thus forced to isolate themselves in their vehicle, installed in a parking lot in the small village of San Pedro de Cachora, about 1000 km from Lima, the capital of the country. Optimistic, they have agreed to wait for things to calm down, to eventually take their flight to Canada, expected at the end of may.

But the crisis has intensified. The containment has been extended multiple times and is still in force to this day. International flights have been cancelled until October. On the advice of the canadian embassy, the couple decided to return to the country.

Impossible for them, however, to take what was to be the last flight of repatriation, which left a few days later, on April 16. “We were 20 hours away from Lima. Get the paper to be able to move up to the capital took two or three days, ” she says.


In the Face of the situation, Canadians stuck in Peru have mobilized on the social networks. “We are still 200 here ! There are families, pregnant women. And everyone has a good reason for not having taken a plane out earlier. It feels very secure, ” says Marie Salindre.

Several of them have used their contacts to try to charter a flight through a private company. “There could be flights, but it is expected for weeks, and the response of the canadian government to allow these flights to leave or arrive in the country “, said the Newspaper, a few days ago.

Wind of hope

In the expectation of an eventual green light from the authorities, Mary Salindre and Pierre Coupel have managed to reach Lima in the last week, thanks to a bus chartered by the american embassy.

To their delight, the canadian embassy has finally made it known on Wednesday that a flight from Lima to Toronto, is expected to take place on 18, 19 or 20 June for the sum of $ 2000. After which it is up to the travelers to find themselves a domestic flight to reach their final destination.

The canadian nationals have also good hope that the country gives permission to a second flight of repatriation, which could take place on the 15th June, for half the price. “We are waiting for the response on Friday. “

Calling all

You are stuck abroad since the beginning of the pandemic, or you know someone who has not yet been able to return to the country ? The Log is to research the testimonies of those who seek by all means to go home.


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