Hope in a time of crisis

De l’espoir en temps de crise

A few weeks ago, in full confinement, Zachary Richard, had the idea of writing the play Dreaming Again, to give hope. The author-composer did not, however, that his song would take a different turn with the recent demonstrations against racism in the United States. The Journal spoke with the Louisiana pandemic, racism, and the u.s. elections in November.

How came the idea to your song Dreaming Again ?

“As for the other songs : by surprise. I’m not a writer, very disciplined, I’m not doing the 9-to-5. My songs often act as valves emotion. Like everyone else, I’m upset by the situation in which everyone is located. “

“I decided to put the profits from the song to the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic that I know well, and which has existed for 22 years. It provides health services to the music community of New Orleans, regardless of ability to pay. So to speak, this is a free clinic for musicians. “

Written during the confinement, the song speaks especially to dream of better days ?

“Actually, it says that when the danger will be past, and that peace will return in this country, we can kiss without disgrace and return to our homes in safety. There is certainly a note of hope in there. It is very associated with the pandemic. But I did not imagine that the crisis caused by the murder of George Floyd was going to intervene for the song, in some way, to be even more impactful. “

How’s it going in Louisiana with the pandemic ?

“It’s going better now. New Orleans was almost overflowing, but it has held up. Now, it is in the second of three phases of return to so called normal. The restaurants are open at 25 % of [their] ability, but not the bars or concert halls. But we hope that it will come. It is not out of the woods, but there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. “

“I’m in a situation particularly complicated because I have a mother, 98-year-old who is at home with babysitters. She is not bedridden, but almost. We took all test, the three guards and me, because we’re going to see her at her house. This is a big challenge, all of it. “

There have been many demonstrations in the U.s. against racism, following the death of George Floyd. How did you react to seeing people out in the street ?

“I think this is a perfect opportunity to make a positive change. It is an abscess that must be punctured. In New Orleans and Lafayette, where I live, there have been demonstrations. Very curiously, in both cities, there has been no breakage. It must be said that the police and the City administration in New Orleans, they are almost all African-Americans. We are in the process of preaching to the converted. “

“There, it should be a step where we put in place laws that will eventually solve these problems of racism are really the scourge of this country. “

How do you view the u.s. elections in November ?

“Whew… I’m a little relieved, encouraged by the fact that Trump drops in the polls. It has always amazed me to see that you can support someone who is very obviously a charlatan, a liar, without experience. “

“What is happening in this country, with the COVID, proves his inability to manage anything. And then, the crisis of police present evoked a kind of recognition of the problem, which did not exist a few months ago. “

“I don’t know where it will go. But we still have the opportunity to improve american society for all. And if Trump goes on, I’ll put my pride in my pocket and I’m going to apply for canadian citizenship [laughs] ! “

♦ The new song by Zachary Richard, Dreaming Again, is on all platforms listen continuously. A donation to the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic can also be done on nomaf.org/dreamingagain.

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