Hornet Strike responds to the message of apology to Fianso

Hornet Strike responds to the message of apology to Fianso

In the world of rap, all the clashes do not end up on an octagon. In cold since more than two months, Fianso and Hornet Strike have finally had the opportunity to explain and to settle their accounts. After having been summoned in a World of Rap, Sofiane apologized for insulting his friend. Apologies that the interpreter of “Rolls” responded…

Things would be peaceful between Hornet Strike and Fianso ? If the two rappers have worked together in the past and are friends for over 6 years, they were not on very good terms these last few months. In question ? An audio recording of a private conversation of Sofiane, in which he insulted the Hornet Strike for doing a featuring with Lacrim on its Rolls. Unlike Booba and Lacrim who have responded on social networks, Hornet Strike, wished to settle it in-house. Except that Fianso has not responded to his calls.

Fianso apologize to Hornet Strike

He then has no other alternative than to enjoy its passage in the emission from Planet Rap to call out his former friend : “I want it to come and tell me face to face. He insulted me in front of the whole of France, I was not even given a phone call. I was expecting an apology, I was expecting a call.” In anger, he says : “I’m not a guy who is talking in the back. I worked with some people, I have given love, we did some projects together so that at the end that insults me of sons of p*te because I’m doing a featuring with so-and-so”. A message heard by the interpreter of Khapta, which has reacted on Instagram : “I would have had to call you well before. Smah for all that my reuf. You deserve these words. You’re a good and you know it. We will not take the head between us… Force the peuf and respect to the brothers of Epinay”.

He replied on Skyrock

An apology to which he replied on Skyrock : “When yesterday I spoke to him, it was the only way to reach it, and at the end show him that he is going to the dogs. I know that the person that I have known it was not what he has reflected until today. So these excuses there, I know that he will have done 5 years ago or 6 years ago. So in the end, he did what he had to do, I said what I had to say. Now when you insult my daronne, it was the least of the things that I fart a lead.” The hatchet is buried ? It would seem : “Now the story continues”, he concludes. Finally a story that ends well, unlike Booba and Kaaris…

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