Hospitalizations and load shedding: Mauricie – Center-du-Québec goes to maximum alert level

Hospitalizations and discharge: Mauricie & ndash; Center-du-Qu & eacute; bec maximum alert

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Faced with the increase in hospitalizations, the Mauricie – Center-du-Québec region rose to the maximum alert level on Tuesday. All CIUSSS MCQ care establishments are now at level four with regard to load shedding, which could increase to 80% or more.

Tuesday, the Institute's report national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) reported 177 hospitalizations, including 15 people in intensive care. & nbsp;

The Department of Health and Social Services had already authorized the region to switch to the maximum level, while the regional health authorities were trying at all costs to avoid the situation.

This move to the next level thus allows increase the load shedding, up to 80% and more, but the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center of Mauricie-et-du-Center-du-Québec (CIUSSS MCQ) does not want to reduce surgeries. & nbsp ;

“We remain convinced of being able to maintain a surgical capacity of approximately 50%, which allows us to perform urgent operations, oncological operations,” reported the president and CEO of the establishment, Carol Fillion. .

However, priority services are already affected by the occupancy rate in hospitals. & nbsp;

“There is now a committee that meets every Thursday to decide which cancers will be operated on as a priority,” explained Shawinigan family doctor, Dr Frédéric Picotte.

He added that a of his colleagues, a neurosurgeon, affirms that he has access to the operating room only two days a week. A big drop, when there was a right seven days a week previously.

The figures are worrying in addition to weighing heavily on health personnel. The new alert level will at least allow workers assigned to lower priority services to help concentrate in other services.

A certain relief, since the workers are exhausted on the floor, said Marie-Josée Hamelin, president of the Paratechnic, Auxiliary Services and Trades Staff Union of the CIUSSS MCQ./p>

Portrait of hospitalizations

According to the provincial trend, the head of the hemato-oncology service of the CIUSSS-MCQ, Dr Christian Carrier, explained that the majority of occupants of care centers are not vaccinated. On the other hand, those who are vaccinated also have a severe health condition that weakens their immune system.

Soon, beds will have to be found outside hospitals for patients who do not require treatment. hospitable. “An elderly person who falls, a broken wrist, a small operation, a positive COVID discovery, cannot return to a CHSLD for fear of an outbreak”, gave Dr. Carrier as an example.

The Cooke CHSLD, which was to be a hot zone for residents of residential centers, will not be in the end due to a lack of equipment on site. Mr. Fillion confirmed, however, that other avenues are being explored, such as hotels, to accommodate ten people in each facility.

Hundreds of unused volunteers

While the region's CIUSSS is trying to recruit new staff to join its teams, failures have been observed concerning the “I contribute” platform.

Nearly 3,000 people have volunteered online since mid-December, but most of them have never been called to work. This is reported by citizens through Facebook posts.

Mr. Fillion partially justifies these delays by the lack of personnel also in the teams responsible for recruitment. At the current rate, the CIUSSS MCQ is able to get around 100 people to work each week. Almost 600 new workers have been added in sectors in demand so far.

In addition, the majority of these volunteers have indicated that they want to help out in vaccination clinics, while they would rather be necessary on the floors of hospitals or in CHSLDs, specified Ms. Hamelin.

With hundreds of workers absent from work in health establishments in the region, all the help possible will be welcome. It will obviously be necessary to wait a little longer, before the new arrivals are assigned to the hospitals.

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