Hot Babes of “Top model in Ukrainian” met with the legendary fortune teller: already got a winner

Горячие крошки из "Топ-модель по-украински" встретились с легендарной гадалкой: уже есть победитель

today, 19:47

On Ukrainian television continues the popular show “Top model on-Ukrainian”, and while the spectators place bets on who will be the winner, a Turkish fortune-teller already knows the answer.

We remind our readers that in the third season Alla Kostromicheva together with experts and participants model the reality of the New channel went on shooting in Turkey. During the trip, the project team toured Turkey inside and out. About it reports “New channel”.

Bus “Top model in Ukrainian” did not stay long. The road between the towns sometimes took eight hours, and the participants had fun as they could – they sang, danced in the bus on short stops even trying to rehearse a show.

So, on one of these stops participant Katya Kulichenko nicknamed Aunt saw machine for predictions: a glass cube with a picture of a fortune-teller, which is the imprint of her hands gives the leaves painted the future. Well how here to resist, especially when the final project very soon.

Горячие крошки из "Топ-модель по-украински" встретились с легендарной гадалкой: уже есть победитель

Contestants Top model “in Ukrainian” in Turkey, a New channel

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– I have written that I will meet his soul mate, his love – says Aunt. – I hope it will come true! And the guide moved me to the second part of the text, and, according to him, it says that I’m close to my goal and the victory.

– And my guide translated that my beauty is simply dazzling laughs Natasha Maslovskaya. – Although I know exactly the sheet is written that I am not very serious about their work, and need to be more careful not to yield to emotions.

In the prediction of Cicely it was written that it will work at night and to negotiate about their future, laughing complements Malvina Chuckle that from divination refused. – So we wonder who it will work in Turkey. And she told me that she had a complex mind.

Well, we’ll soon find out whose prediction will be a reality on Friday at 19:00 in the latest issue of “Top model in Ukrainian” Novy channel.

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