Hot Charlize Theron turned to the men around the world: “I am available”

Горячая Шарлиз Терон обратилась к мужчинам по всему миру: "Я абсолютно доступна"

Charlize Theron

On the eve of the ceremony CinemaCon Awards in Las Vegas, where together with many celebrities of the first echelon arrived cult actress Charlize Theron.

This is reported by the media.

It is noted that the 43-year-old star actress appeared on the red carpet with his partner on the Comedy film “a couple more” Seth Rogen. At a social event, they received an award from the National Association of theatre owners as the best Comedy actors of the year.

Горячая Шарлиз Терон обратилась к мужчинам по всему миру: "Я абсолютно доступна"

Charlize Theron

Later journalists managed to talk with the actress. In particular, it was asked whether the paparazzi to see her at a social event in the company of a loved one, and Charlize very sincerely answered.

“I was one for almost ten years. Just needs someone to grow me a pair and bring him to me to meet you. I’m totally available,” said Theron.

It will be recalled that recently in the Marvel universe appeared first LGBT character. Moreover, the President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige stated earlier edition of the Playlist that the audience is ready for the first superhero-gay knocks and already there are rumors that the Studio is going to show this character in a future film “Eternal”.

Even know that is looking for his role of an actor is gay. According to rumors, they can become a star of “the Hobbit” and “beauty and the beast” Luke Evans, who, incidentally, is openly gay.

Recall, Angelina Jolie became less to appear in public. The reason for this was loud divorce with brad pitt and ongoing litigation on the issues of child custody.

As reported “Znayu” recently a number of media, citing close to brad pitt source said that the popular actor is really sorry about the breakup with Jennifer aniston.

Also “Znayu” wrote that eminent actress Jennifer aniston, to its fiftieth anniversary, starred in a Nude photo shoot in the arms of her husband. At the celebration were invited to a friend of Jennifer Chris McMillan.

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