Hot ex-“VIA Gra” wearing a tight dress and it’s crazy: “I like the way you think”

Жаркая экс-"ВИА Гра" надела узкое платье и сводит с ума: "Мне нравится ход ваших мыслей"


today, 20:50

The wife of Valery Meladze, popular singer and former member of a sexy musical trio “VIA Gra” Albina dzhanabaeva loves to attract the attention of the public that actively and successfully doing it in his Instagram. The artist in the social network often shares with fans the news and photos from her life and this time was no exception – the beauty showed vivid scenes of a hot photo shoot.

So, on the new photo Albina appeared in the narrow red dress with white straps, which beautifully underlined perfect figure and ample Breasts stars. Hair of the singer loose and slightly disheveled, her face a light makeup and a radiant smile. In the caption to the photo Albina wrote: “Plus 2, minus 2 – what’s the difference, if the mood is beautiful!”. Apparently dzhanabaeva meant pounds on the body, but some thought she was talking about the weather. To this the star answered: “I like the way you think”. The fans did not disregard such publication and began to discuss in the comments.

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Recall, the wife of Meladze removed the bra and showed the fans of “50 shades of grey”.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that dzhanabaeva first showed the youngest son from Meladze.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that the network has criticized a happy selfie Dzhanabaeva with Meladze.

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