Hot Kim Kardashian in tight dress seducing her husband on the red carpet

Горячая Ким Кардашьян в узком платье соблазнила мужа прямо на красной дорожке

Kim Kardashian, The World 24

today, 09:39

A lover of outrageous and scandalous antics, Kim Kardashian became famous thanks to the family reality show. She, like her sisters, loves to attract attention of the audience successfully makes in his Instagram. Kim already 160 million subscribers, which it often pleases new photos.

So, this time star beauty showed a few frames from the red carpet Oscar party Vanity Fair. As can be seen on the social event, Kardashian came to light luxury dress intricate style and unusual textures, which is tightly fitted every curve of her luscious figure. New pictures Kimberly appeared together with her husband – the famous American rapper Kanye West. The man gently embracing his wife and at some point, gently kisses on the temple. In the caption to the photo, the star was told about the event attended and the followers immediately began to discuss the publication, falling asleep a few compliments in the comments.

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Recall that Kim Kardashian was back in Vogue red lipstick, and made it undressed.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Kim Kardashian has shown, as he prepares to release.

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