Hot showdown lovers in the plane was caught on video

Girl on Board the aircraft struck a young man with a laptop on the head

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Жаркие разборки любовников в самолете попали на видео

A pair of lovers had a fight in the plane from-for jealousy

Jealous passenger aircraft smashed the laptop on the head of a companion by the name of memo, accusing him that he looked at another woman. The stewardess tried to calm the couple, saying that next to them sat a small child but this did not stop them. The incident occurred on American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles. It is reported by the tabloid Daily Mail.

After one of the passengers asked to remove the woman from the flight, the stewardess asked her with things to go in front of the cabin. Debauchery told my boyfriend that he will never see her again, if you do not go along with it. Then the flight attendants asked for a memo to go in front of the cabin, which he did. However, the girl began to chase him down the aisle between the seats several times and hit the laptop on the head.

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Curious incident ended with the jealous girl was removed from the flight and arrested on charges of assaulting a man.

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