Hot vacation Christina Asmus Kharlamov without started on Board: “Stand and see”

Жаркий отдых Кристины Асмус без Харламова начался прямо на борту: "Стою и вижу"

today, 18:10

Famous Russian actress Christina Asmus, which became famous for the role of Varya in the TV series “Interns” and disgraced the filming of the movie “the Text” often pleases fans of bright articles in your Instagram.
This time she not only shared pics in a bright t-shirt, short velosipedah and white sneakers. But told how she began her vacation.

I stand, then, in the queue for passport control and see…

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The people I would meet in Moscow – Oleg Evgenyevich Menshikov and his wife Anastasia ❤it’s amazing

Then at the Mall shopping will cross 🛍, now at the airport. And flew just one day and time period, but one flight to the Maldives 🌴💦

Still sitting in the plane. When he saw me, said, “I hope it was an accident” 😂😂😂

And at the time of boarding for the same flight met with Sarik Andreasyan and Lisa Sailor )) which just recently the premiere of #Coma noted! 🍿✨

Uuuh! The vacation began with a pleasant meeting )) 🙌🏻 – she signed the photo

Recall that a stellar beauty has posted a nice photo from the premiere of “Coma”, which came without her husband Garik Kharlamov, because it’s not

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, the star was Narayana on the persecution through explicit sex scene in the movie “Text”, now boasted in Instagram awards that he received.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that the wife of the Russian comedian Garik Kharlamov showed a nice photo, and signature to him suddenly decided to take stock of the past year.

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