Houellebecq starring in a Dutch pornographic film

Houellebecq stars in a Dutch pornographic film


Michel Houellebecq at the cinema is nothing new. His presence in a Dutch pornographic film, which will be on view in March, is however. We take stock of this unusual appearance by the highly successful controversial author. 

Available since this weekend on Twitter and on YouTube, the trailer for the film “surprise” (the title is not known at the moment) by the collective KIRAC (Keeping It Real Art Critics), a collective of filmmakers based in the -Bas and “known for his controversial videos and whose claimed ambition is 'the quest for love, in the form of truth,'” has raised some dumbfounded eyebrows since it aired.

We see the author of Submission thus accepting to pass in front of director Stefan Ruitenbeek's camera for a performance for which we had not been prepared.

Michel Houellebecq is no stranger to the 7th art. It has already appeared in numerous films, including three works by the troublemakers Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine (at the origin of the cult and satirical French program Groland), Near Death Experience, Holy Love and Clear History.

In this “surprise” film, which hits theaters in March, the author of Serotonin is followed in what is, according to the trailer, the discovery of a “consolation prize

According to what is recounted in the video, his wife, Qianyun Lysis Li, had booked “lots of pretty prostitutes” for their honeymoon in Morocco. Unfortunately for Houellebecq, the planned orgy in the Maghreb country has been canceled due to a terrorist threat. 

That's when the members of KIRAC and the director of this “surprise” film came into play. They thus proposed to Houellebecq to travel to the Netherlands to make him experience the gift his wife had planned for him.

On images showing a young woman rubbing shoulders with the writer, a voice explains: “I told Houellebecq that I knew lots of girls in Amsterdam who would sleep with the famous writer out of curiosity.” And according to the end of the trailer, the antics are filmed.

Several controversies to the credit of the writer

Houellebecq continues to make people talk about him.

Recently, the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris accused of Islamophobia, incitement to hatred and having uttered remarks of “staggering brutality”. He reproached the author for the remarks made in a 45-page interview with the philosopher Michel Onfray. The rector had even announced his intention to file a complaint against the writer.

The complaint was suspended after several controversial passages of this conversation were modified.

He was also accused of plagiarism by the Franco-Senegalese author Hadji Diagolo, who claimed 132.8 million dollars from him. euros (i.e. more than 193 million CAD). Acquitted at first instance, Houellebecq will nevertheless have to defend himself again on appeal.

Recently, we were talking about him and his character as someone with “counter-productive radicalism”.

And judging by the comments that the broadcast of this trailer has generated, it is not ready to stop.