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Launched just a year ago, Mortal Kombat 11 has quickly established itself as one of the best entries in the popular franchise. Already almost perfect, the game goes today with the new expansion Aftermath, allowing (among other things) to accommodate RoboCop in the arena.

  • Mortal Kombat: Aftermath : ★★★★☆

We admit, the announcement of the addition of RoboCop in the stable Mortal Kombat we had raised some eyebrows. Of course, it flowed from the source to the result of the arrival of the Terminator in the arena, last fall. Still, it would prove to be a worthy successor of the legendary Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface, all being welcomed into the franchise over the last decade ?

Yet, yes.

It is clear that the famous vigilante easily takes his ease in this universe of ultra-violent, capable of the carnage have nothing to envy to those of the most bloodthirsty combatants who took part in the “fighting the fatal” proposed by the studios, NetherRealm and Warner Bros. So we take an amazing pleasure to discover this new facet of RoboCop, armed with an arsenal of firearms, edged weapons and even a flamethrower.

Returns in force

And he is not alone. The new expansion (or DLC in the jargon of the middle) back in the arena the fighters Fujin, and Sheeva, who had been absent from the series for many years.

Of these two characters, it is probably the addition of Sheeva, the warrior half-human, half-dragon, with four arms, which is the most exciting because of its uniqueness. We also appreciate the complete makeover that she was being subjected to, giving it (finally !) a appearance a lot less sexualized than in the past.

With the addition of new arenas and chapters to the “history” mode, the expansion Aftermath is likely to bring several tens of hours of pleasure to the players.

For the pacifist

The addition of the least exciting of this expansion, however, remains in the Friendships, this alternative funny and the pacific to the famous – and bloody – Fatalities.

Yes, it is nice to see our fighters finish their match while dancing the tap or hugs a teddy bear… but the exercise is never funnier than to send his opponent to dive into a bath of acid, or to dismember it as graphic as violent.

♦ Mortal Kombat : Aftermath is now available.

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