House for one Euro in the Italian town are selling “dilapidated housing”

The authorities of the town of Mussomeli said it was ready to provide potential customers with the help of architects and engineers

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Дом за один евро: в итальянском городке распродают "ветхое жилье"

In Italy sell houses for one Euro

In Mussomeli, in the South of Sicily (Italy) on sale put about a hundred old houses. The cost of each one Euro. It is expected that in near future there will be more 400 proposals, reports The Sun.

However, potential homebuyers should be aware that during the year after home purchase, they are required to overhaul the building, which will cost about 95 euros per square meter, the newspaper writes. Otherwise, the owner will lose the Deposit made in the amount of about seven thousand Euro.

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City officials said that they are ready to help owners of homes in Mussomeli, and to provide assistance to architects and engineers.

Earlier “Today” wrote about a similar proposal in the Italian town of Sambuca di Sicilia. This “campaign” was invented by local officials to return of Italians in rural areas on a continual residence. Many villagers move to cities, so the countryside is suffering from depopulation. Officials have done everything they can to buy a home could be anyone.

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