House of Hollywood actor Tom hardy attacked dozens of people: “I will Knock the shit”

Дом голливудского актера Тома Харди атаковали десятки человек: "Выбью всю дурь"

Tom hardy with his wife, photos – Gossip

today, 20:26

These days home of the famous American actor Tom hardy and wife Charlotte Riley attacked the players of the world-famous Pokemon GO. Consequently, people gathered near the building and caught a fantastic cartoon characters. However, this was not the end of trouble for the Hollywood star.

Consequently, in his house also flew and the car that blew the iron gate and part of the fence. According to neighbors, then to the place of profit police officers, who detained a “rider”. However, after an accident to hardy a few days living without the gate. While workers repaired the actor the fence and almost restored the gate.

Дом голливудского актера Тома Харди атаковали десятки человек: "Выбью всю дурь"

Tom hardy, photo – Psychologies

Note that the star’s house and attracts troublemakers, because last year the territory, the room was invaded by paparazzi, who tracked down the celebrity offspring to make a valuable resource. Then the celebrity has threatened that it will “knock the shit” out of those who get caught near his home with a camera.

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