Household scenes: a couple of guests fired after whims, the actress swings “They don't want him anymore”

Household scenes: a couple of guests fired after whims , the actress balances

By Benoit Mandin TV Journalist Journalist specializing in the world of television, Benoit never misses an episode of Love is in the meadow, The Voice, Dance with the stars, Mask Singer, Star Academy or Who wants to be my partner. He is also a fan of Quotidien, C à vous and L’heure des pros. In January 2023, Scenes of households welcomed a new couple: Christine (Fanny Cottençon) and Gilbert (Didier Bénureau). The M6 ​​series has multiplied special bonus episodes in recent years. During one of them, Huguette and Raymond were brought together with Grace de Capitani and Jean Benguigui. The latter, recruited to camp Christelle and Norbert, have not reappeared since … And there is obviously a real reason.

At the start of 2023, M6 continues to occupy its 8:30 p.m./9 p.m. with Household Scenes. The series, historically worn by Marion Game (Huguette) and Gérard Hernandez (Raymond), has welcomed a new couple.

Christine and Gilbert land in Household Scenes

Fanny Cotençon and Didier Bénureau took their first steps in Household Scenes on Monday 23 January. They were recruited by M6 to slip into the shoes of Christine and Gilbert. The arrival of the two sexagenarians in the series made fans of Huguette and Raymond fear the worst. The latter have already seen their presence on the air reduced in recent months…

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Over the years, the Household Scenes team has welcomed many guests. This is the case of Grace de Capitani. The actress was led to form a couple with Jean Benguigui during a prime of the series, broadcast by M6 in 2017. Their characters, Christelle and Norbert, had to live with Huguette and Raymond.

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Since this bonus, baptized Cap sur la Riviera, Christelle and Norbert have not reappeared in Household scenes. An eviction linked to the attitude of Jean Benguigui according to Grace de Capitani. The actress did not hesitate to swing on the behavior of her partner in Chez Jordan on Friday January 27, 2023 on C8.

Grace de Capitani first confided that he really liked his time in Household Scenes. “I liked it a lot because I found Marion Game, who played the role of my mother in An Unexpected Father, and then Gérard Hernandez, with whom I did the Spy series and shut up where he was a traitor not possible”, she explained.

Jean Benguigui “too capricious” on the set?

When asked why she had not returned in Household Scenes, Grace de Capitani indicated that she had been the collateral victim of Jean Benguigui's behavior. “There was a disagreement between the team and Jean Benguigui. That's what I was told…”, revealed the one who was on the poster of the < em>Under-gifted on vacation and Ripoux in the 80s.

Grace de Capitani did not hide her desire to return to Scènes of households. But the production no longer wants Jean Benguigui. “They don't want him anymore. He was very capricious…”, clarified the one who doesn't like“to speak ill of others”. Faced with the insistence of Jordan de Luxe, the actress ended up letting go that she had also had complicated relations with Jean Benguigui on the set…