Housing crisis: low-income tenants who are victims of discrimination

Crise du logement: les locataires à faible revenu victimes de discrimination

An organization that defends the rights of tenants has collected on the social networks of the examples of discrimination of landlords against low-income people.

There are few figures on this type of discrimination, since it is difficult to see, ” says the Consolidation of the committees on housing and tenant associations of Quebec (RCLALQ).

Nevertheless, the organization has presented in a report, a dozen of screenshots taken in groups Facebook where owners were disparaging comments about low-income people.

“NEVER take a BS in a housing of more than$ 500,” said an internet user.

“It will protect you fucking “moron” who operate the system and a remedy for discrimination”, can we also read of an owner who proposes to specify that other visits will take place in order to protect themselves.

A property owner has the right to ensure the payment capacity of a tenant by a letter of recommendation from a banking institution, a former owner or by requesting a credit investigation.

However, it is not allowed to refuse a tenant for reasons such as being a provider of assistance of last resort, to be in receipt of a benefit under employment insurance or have a modest income, according to the Charter of rights and freedoms of Quebec.

“It is virtually impossible”

This type of discrimination, which, combined with the housing crisis, makes the situation difficult for low-income people. Alexandre Paquette knows this well; he is on social assistance and must find a new apartment, since the one he sub-leases will be taken over by the owner for renovations.

To one month of 1st July, the research becomes extremely difficult for Mr. Paquette, that multiplies the visits to finally not find a shoe to his foot.

“It’s going to happen sometimes to make me say that I don’t have enough income,” he explains. According to him, discrimination often remains hidden; he would have said on several occasions that the apartment had already been taken at the end of his visits.

II said that while several organizations, non-profit housing have even refused to offer him a home.

Hans Brouillette, director of public relations for the Corporation of the real estate owners of Quebec (CORPIQ), denounces the discrimination made, for example, on a racial basis and ensures to make several reminders to the owners. However, he stressed that the owners are free not to take any unnecessary risks on the rent payments.

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