Housing: increase in the number of tenants who refuse to move out, complain to the owners

Logement: hausse du nombre de locataires qui refusent de déménager, déplorent des propriétaires

The number of tenants who refuse to move despite the end of their lease has doubled this year, laments a group of owners.

Thus, 5% of the owners have indicated, according to a survey, that at least one tenant has indicated that it does not move even if he had to do, double the amount usual, according to the Corporation of property owners of Quebec (CORPIQ).

The organization, which has conducted a survey of 1741 owners from 5 to 11 June, suggests that “this rate may be higher if one considers that tenants are keeping up to the last time the “surprise” of their decision to stay.”

CORPIQ believes that it is “unacceptable” that a tenant might block the arrival of another tenant having a lease valid, even if it recognizes that the pandemic has had implications on the research of housing.

Although in normal times, the fact of occupying a dwelling without the right allows the owner to quickly be heard at the Régie du logement, the CORPIQ is estimated that it will probably cope with the delays due to the measures implemented during the pandemic. “Owners worried we were even informed that they are holding vacancies, as a preventative, rather than lease them, as they expect to need for temporary housing for new tenants who will not be able to take possession of their dwelling because of the occupant without right,” said in a press release the director of public affairs of the CORPIQ, Hans Brouillette.

In addition, the Corporation has mentioned that already for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the number of requests for expulsion of an occupant without right reached a record level (438).

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