How cold is it in space: scientists gave the answer

Open space is incredibly cold with extremely low temperature

Evgeniy Opanasenko

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In short, it is incredibly cold. But to give a detailed answer to this question, we need to understand what heat is in the understanding of scientists. Temperature is the kinetic energy of the particles (molecules and atoms). Roughly speaking, the hotter the substance, the faster you move or fluctuate its atoms, and the colder – the slower their movement. If the chaotic motion of atoms stops, then they form an ordered structure by taking a clear position in the crystal lattice – this is known as absolute zero which is 0 degrees Kelvin or -273,15 degrees Celsius. How much space is cold?

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There are three ways of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation. Heat one side of a metal pipe, and the temperature transmitted to the second (conduction). Circular air can carry heat from one side of the room to another (convection). But in the vacuum of space is triggered only the last method.

The object absorbs photons energy and is heated. Simultaneously, the photons produce radiation. Heating occurs if the object absorbs more than it emits. Otherwise, it will cool down. There’s a line when you can’t get more energy from the object. This is the minimum possible temperature is equal to absolute zero. But there is one interesting moment – in practice this temperature is unattainable.

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Let’s visit the International space station with its temperature in space in orbit. Bare metal with a constant stream of sunlight heated to 260°C. This is incredibly dangerous for astronauts who also have to go into space. Therefore it is necessary to apply a protective coating. But in the shadow of the object is cooled to – 100°C. the Astronauts can experience dramatic temperature changes, depending on which side turned to the Sun. Of course, this kompensiruet the suits with the systems heating and cooling.

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Let’s go even further. The more you move away from the Sun, the temperature in the space becomes lower. Surface temperature of Pluto reaches -240°C (33 degrees above absolute zero). The temperature of the gas and dust between stars in the milky Way – 10-20 degrees above absolute zero.

If you get to interstellar space, you can feel the actual temperature of space. So how much space is cold? Open outer space has a temperature of 2.7 degrees Kelvin, which is about -270,45 degrees Celsius. It’s incredibly cold.

We will remind that earlier scientists gave the answer to the question why space is cold and the Sun hot. And recently, astronomers have shown the splendor of the Sun’s best photos from space.

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Насколько холодно в космосе: ученые дали ответ

Насколько холодно в космосе: ученые дали ответ

Насколько холодно в космосе: ученые дали ответ

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