How disinfects-t-on our buses?

Comment d├ęsinfecte-t-on nos autobus?

Day and night, dozens of employees spray disinfectant all the nooks and crannies of the bus exo, creating scenes that look like a science-fiction film, but which are necessary to protect the customer and the employees of the COVID-19.

Now, the 283 bus returning to the garage are being scrutinized by the cleaning teams, who donned coveralls, a mask and gloves to spray the interior of the vehicles with the help of a product sanitizer. In addition to the teams usual, twenty additional employees had to be hired to meet the new sanitary requirements.

Exo, which serves the northern and southern suburbs of Montreal, dealing with several companies for the management of the maintenance tasks for the garage storage. “It was a huge coordination work between the various partners to implement all of these new guidelines in our various garages in a few days, while normally, it can take several weeks,” says the director of the health and safety at exo, Robert Gaudet.

Like other transport companies, exo has also implemented new health measures in the last days. The carrier intends to distribute 20 000 masks reusable in the next two weeks. Distributors of hydroalcoholic gel are also installed in a couple of terminals to allow people to disinfect their hands before entering a vehicle.

Near of the users

Until now, the social distancing was easy to comply with in addition to nine buses on ten, confirms the carrier. “With the reopening of shops and child care facilities, it is likely, however, that the distance of two meters is more maintainable in the public transport,” says the senior director of bus exo, Jim Colonel-Bertrand.

Mr. Bertrand understands that this situation may be frightening for some users, but exo puts all measures in place to protect the drivers and the customers, ” he says. The transportation company requires its users to wear a mask in their vehicles.

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