How do you prefer your water?

Comment préférez-vous votre eau?

It is sparkling, flavored, flat or filtered water should always be invited to the table, especially in summer.


Poured water in this jug (1.4-litre) is automatically filtered by the technology of Soma, which uses up to 60 % of renewable materials derived from plants. Use the handle in white oak to carry from the refrigerator to the table and you pour a glass of water pure and fresh.

  • > 49,99 $

In a carafe

This gorgeous glass decanter is topped with a cork stopper (11 inches in height, 34 ounces) of the collection Sublime, by Luigi Bormioli, is proud of his place in the centre of the table during daily meals and radiates also at major occasions. Glasses drinks (20 oz), and whiskey (15,25 oz) also available for sale.

  • > at $ 24.95, decanter only


Make your day more bubbly with the machine Crystal, by SodaStream, which combines elegance and functionality, in an Art deco style design. Your carbonated water (produced through a CO2 cylinder of 60 litres) will be served in a beautiful glass bottle 620 ml worthy of the most sumptuous receptions.

  • > 199,99 $ (special order)

In large quantity

Book one end of the table with the refreshments, placing particular distributor of beverages in glass, patterned, adorned with a tin lid amber and with a small tap for the service. Filed proudly tall on its metal stand, it will encourage all the guests to be well hydrated.

  • > 39,99 $


Water wins in taste and freshness when it is plunged into ice, fruits, tea leaves, and fresh herbs ! To avoid that they fall, sometimes sharply, in your drink, opt for the pitcher, topped with a lid perforated, with a wide mouth to facilitate filling and a great grip. Through the transparent glass, the combination of ingredients will be very attractive.

  • > 24,99 $
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