How do you tell an unvaccinated loved one that they cannot come and celebrate Christmas?

How to tell a loved one who is not vaccinated that he cannot come to leave No & euml; l?

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Can we ask for proof of vaccination or use a drug test before letting guests into my home for holiday gatherings? Absolutely, believes one label specialist. & nbsp;

“We are at home and at home, we are king. Even before the pandemic, as a host, as a hostess, we have a responsibility: health and safety, “said Julie Blais-Comeau, speaker, author and label specialist.

“During the pandemic, we want grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle, children, when they return home, in the days after, that they continue to be healthy,” he said. -she continued in an interview with QUB Radio, Tuesday.

We must prioritize invitations by phone, added the specialist, which will make it possible to make the instructions clearly understood to all. To avoid too heavy-handed discussions, guests can also be asked to place a dollar in a jar each time they say certain keywords like COVID, Omicron or vaccination.

And pandemic or not, it there is a golden rule to never forget: no double soaking in the dip.

“We don't do this anywhere and the best way is obviously when we have a dip , to have a spoon and a plate for each of the guests, ‚ÄĚpleaded Ms. Blais-Comeau.

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