How global warming affects life in Northern Sweden

                                Как глобальное потепление влияет на жизнь в Северной Швеции

The life of the Saami – the indigenous people of Northern Europe – from year to year is becoming more difficult. The reason for that is climate change.

The Sami people living in Northern Sweden for centuries reindeer breeding. In early November, when food becomes scarce, the herd gather in the paddock. But this year the tradition had to break, because the temperature is still hovering around zero.

“Something is definitely wrong with nature, – says 37-year-old Neil Inga (Niila Inga), who lives in the town of Kiruna in Northern Sweden. But I can’t ask my father what to do, since he never in life so did not face”.

According to the world meteorological organization, the last four years were the warmest in the world.

Express info by country

Sweden (Kingdom of Sweden) is a country in Northern Europe, located on the Scandinavian Peninsula.

                                Как глобальное потепление влияет на жизнь в Северной Швеции


                                Как глобальное потепление влияет на жизнь в Северной Швеции

Coat of arms

                                Как глобальное потепление влияет на жизнь в Северной Швеции

Capital – Stockholm

Biggest cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Uppsala

Form of government – Constitutional monarchy

Territory – 447 435 km2 (58th in the world)

Population – 9,83 million people (90th in the world)

Official language – Swedish

Religion – Lutheran

The HDI – of 0, 898 (7th in the world)

GDP – $571,09 billion (21st in the world)

Currency – Swedish Krona

Borders: Norway, Finland

Worldwide nearly 100,000 reindeer herders, 3000 of them live in Sweden. Usually it’s a family business, passed down from generation to generation. Inga says that he started working with his father when he was 18 years old, and his cousins and nephews are also involved in reindeer herding.

                                Как глобальное потепление влияет на жизнь в Северной Швеции

The fall of the reindeer are gathered together in a pen and killed for meat. This is the main source of income for the shepherds. Others are left to graze in the wild until then, until it comes time for winter migration to the East, to the best pastures. Herders follow the animals on the snowmobiles, children released from lessons at school in the North whole life revolves around deer.

One of the key components of reindeer herding is the snow: it is easier to move through the wilderness, and to track deer and predators. But lately, nature does not spoil the Saami snowy winters.

Studies show that global warming is most noticeable at the poles: there the average temperature is increasing faster than in other parts of the world. This leads to a rapid melting of ice and changes in the landscape of the Arctic as a whole. Because of this, animals migrate to new areas, which are not always suitable for grazing.

But the migration of deer is only one of many indicators of global warming. This summer in Sweden was the hottest for the last 260 years due to the melting of glaciers and forest fires have covered 25 thousand hectares throughout the country.

                                Как глобальное потепление влияет на жизнь в Северной Швеции

Despite the rapid changes in the landscape, Saami are trying to adapt. Herders think seriously about what they would do if their land will not be able to provide sufficient power for deer. Artificially feed the animals Sami is not ready because it is expensive and affects the taste of the meat.

In may of this year, the youth Association of Sami people collected signatures and filed a lawsuit against the European Union for failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The document stated all the problems faced by herders due to climate warming. Ultimately, assured the representatives of the Association, it will affect the culture of the Sami themselves.

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