How in the world hotels?

Сколько в мире отелей?

Сколько в мире отелей?

Сколько в мире отелей?

How in the world hotels?

Europe leads globally, but in terms of chic China trashes everyone.

22 April 2019 at 18:50


The company Bold Data involved in the analysis of data in the hotel sector, estimated the number of objects of accommodation from hotels to hostels all over the planet. The study takes into account data from international booking services, hotel aggregators and other professional turserviss.

According Bold Data, at the moment there are 1 073 500 units, of which 402 933 is categorized hotels rated with “stars”. Of them:

50,7% in Europe;

23.2 per cent in Asia;

The 12.9 – in North America;

6% in South America, Central America and the Caribbean;

3.8 per cent in Africa;

3.3 percent in Australia and Oceania.

In Europe, the world leader in number of hotels, most “stellar” objects is located in Italy – 32 803 the hotel. In coming in second place Croatia, their 29 282, in France (third place) – 18 865.

In Russia Bold Data counted 4661 hotel, more than half of them rated three stars.

Most five-star hotels – 2189 – plucked in China. In second place was the United Kingdom (1212), the third – Australia (1175). In Russia, according to the researchers, was 158 hotels*****.

More about the Bold study Data, visit the website of the Association of tour operators of Russia.

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