How “Le Monde à l’envers” turned me right side up

How “The Upside Down” place


Last Friday, TVA aired the last show of the season of Monde à l'envers, the magazine of debates and interviews moderated by Stéphan Bureau.

At the time of going to press, we do not know if the show (which stood out from the rather consensual programming of TVA) will be back in September. 

TV networks must take all sorts of factors into consideration before making a decision to continue – or withdraw – a show. 


By participating in The Upside Down this year, I rediscovered an obvious truth that the era in which we live unfortunately tends to make us forget, a self-evident truth that social media and echo chambers have managed to bury under a ton of prejudice and ready-made ideas: people are always more richer and more complex than their political opinions. 

Just because someone is opposite you on the spectrum of ideas doesn't mean you can't find them likeable. 

For example, when the producer of the show told me I was going to debate with Louis T., I thought, “Oh, boy, it's going to be super awkward hanging out with this guy backstage, going to meetings with him, and so on.” » 

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With everything he wrote about my girlfriend and me! And everything I said about him!

I think I would have preferred to have my teeth pulled cold. At a dentist suffering from St. Vitus dance.

Well, guess what? It clicked. Right away.

I discovered a pleasant, funny, caring, kind guy. 

And when I was told on Tuesday afternoon that Louis T . was going to be part of the show the following Friday, I was happy and I was looking forward to seeing it in the halls of basement 1 of TVA.  

You would have told me that a year ago, that I would have given you the phone number of a good shrink. 


Same with Judith Lussier and Émilise Lessard-Therrien.

The High Priestess of the wokes and a former member of Québec solidaire, damn it! 

We are at World Upside Down or Get Me Out Of Here?

I think I would have preferred to sleep in a cage full of snakes in the middle of the jungle of Costa Rica…

Now again, it was super nice. 

Two really nice girls I liked to chat with before the debates. Émilise impressed me: she drove six hours out and six hours back just to argue with us. 

And she took the opportunity to kill six moose on the way…

Don't get me wrong: politically, I still find that these people are in the field! And they think the same of me!

But I've discovered that people don't just take their positions. 

And I'm sure they also discovered something in me other than the monster that social media portrays. 

In a time of hyper polarization, this show made me feel good.

And I'm sure she's benefited a lot of people too.

How “The Upside Down” turned me right side up