How Léa, Simon, Dana, Aziza or Mathis found their way to employment with the Youth Employment Contract

How Léa, Simon, Dana, Aziza or Mathis found their way to employment with the Youth Employment Contract

Accompagnés par le CEJ, des jeunes ont raconté leur parcours de formation et professionnel. Midi Libre – K. H.

Little known, the Youth Engagement Contract (CEJ), created two years ago, gives young people who have left the training circuit a foot in the door. With great successes, as Gardois residents witnessed this Tuesday at the prefecture.

Some have dreams at 18, childhood passions, vocations born in college or university. And trace a straight path from school to a profession, whether plumber, lawyer or landscaper, often guided and encouraged by their family. But for many young people, the path to employment looks more like an obstacle course with failures, doubts, wanderings, anxieties, about-faces. It's not easy, at 20, to decide about your life with certainty when you have little support, when you're looking for yourself, when studying is painful! But not impossible at all!

Thus, this Tuesday, in the salons of the prefecture, eight young people who were supported by the Youth Engagement Contract (CEJ) for several months delivered beautiful testimonies ;of success, of successful reconversion, of rebirth even. With legitimate smiles of victory and words full of hope. Because at their age, we have life ahead of us, and it’s joyful. There is Lea, 23 years old, who emerged bruised from two years of work as a public highway security agent:" It wasn’t made for me, smiled the young woman. With my integration advisor, I worked on enhancing my image and I got back on my feet, she says modestly. Above all, she "a revelation: the job of professional integration advisor (CIP). Since the beginning of June, I have attacked training and I don't see the time passing. I love it…" Simon, for his part, looked for a long time after a professional cooking baccalaureate, a professional baccalaureate in management, work in welding. "Nothing pleased me. With the CEJ, I followed a meeting on the profession of peacekeeper"… The spark ignites: he enters the police academy in September.

The CEJ, a system created two years ago

Implemented in July 2020, the Youth Engagement Contract has already been implemented. permit à 4 million people to find a solution: a job, training or an integration path. "The CEJ is aimed at 16-25 year olds (30 years old if RQTH) with a course that can last up to 20 years old. 12 months. The young person benefits from individualized support, from a 15- to 5-year-old program. 20 hours per week and an allowance of up to 550 euros, according to scale. For a budget of 17.50 M€ in the Gard", explains Sophie Boudet, director of the DDETS.

"Having your place in society"

"A job is important to find your place in society, to play your role as a citizen. For self-esteem too, explained prefect Jérôme Bonet in the preamble to the presentation of the 2023 report of the CEJ, carried by the State, put implemented by the local Missions and France Travail (read box). "The CEJ was a crutch in the journey of these young people, it put them on track." In Gard, the unemployment rate is high (17% among young people) and "paradoxically businesses are unable to recruit", observes the prefect who assures that this support and training system is an opportunity.

The figures from the CEJ 2023 results for Gard confirm this."4794 young people were supported and the training entries are beyond the objectives", rejoices the Departmental Directorate of Employment, Labor and Solidarity (DDETS ). The public: young people aged 18 to 21 (62%), from priority neighborhoods (25%) and with a low qualification level (49%), "those who most need a helping hand". Of the 3339 young people who entered the CEJ via a local mission, "there were 707 returns to employment on permanent or long-term fixed-term contracts and 125 return to school". Mathis, little motivated by his BTS Insurance, found his way "thanks to workshops with the CEJ. I'm moving towards a Design and 3D school, it was my dream in fact.

There are more tragic, but bright stories, like those Aziza, 19 years old, put on the street, housed in the hotel by the 115 who resumes studies as a childcare assistant in September. Or that of Dana, 22 years old, a Ukrainian driven out by the war who explains in hesitant and charming French how she was hired by a florist. "Many of you have chosen helping professions, those who accompanied you inspired you. I'm proud of you", the prefect tells them.

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