How many, Mr. O’Toole, let's get it over with?

How much, Mr. O & rsquo; Toole, that we finish?

MISE & Agrave; DAY

How many Conservative MPs are fully vaccinated? How many got an exemption?

This is the greatest mystery, time and time again. & Nbsp;

It is increasingly difficult to understand how the Leader Erin O'Toole and the party can agree to keep the blurry going.

Their entire message goes through this filter. And the already battered conservative brand takes a hit.

Good war

It is fair game for the Liberals and NDP to ask if any Conservative MPs have been granted bogus medical exemptions to enter Parliament. Or if they followed public health rules to the letter. & Nbsp;

Nature abhors a vacuum. Faced with the absence of a clear response from the party, the assumptions take precedence. & Nbsp;

For only explanation, I received only this from the office of Mr. O'Toole, namely how many MPs were vaccinated or received an exemption: & nbsp;

“I refer you to the House of Commons, they are the ones who administer this rule and all MPs have satisfied the rule. “

The art of evading.

O'Toole ensures that all his MPs have either received their two doses or obtained an exemption. & Nbsp;

The Liberals once again had the leisure to use Conservative artistic vagueness against them. & nbsp;

Vaccine allergies are infinitely rare, around one in 100,000 people.

That only one Conservative MP has achieved an exemption would be bad luck. More than one, a statistical aberration. & Nbsp;

Lack of authenticity

O'Toole tries to impose his more open style, his more centrist policies, his more consensual social positions. & Nbsp;

The fiasco of vaccination in his party defeats him on all three fronts.

All for what? To satisfy a handful of its deputies refractory to vaccination? For the principle that we have the right to privacy?

In any case, we remember above all that the Conservative Party, the official opposition, the party that claims to be ready to govern, operates on the fringes of popular opinion. & Nbsp;

Erin O'Toole n ' Doesn't he have more to gain from being clear about how many of his deputies are vaccinated, and how many are not?

Why serve ammunition to his opponents on a silver platter, in full parliamentary return?

We are not asking who, but how many. Yet it’s simple.

Erin O’Toole would like to impose his themes, the exorbitant cost of living, inflation. In the short term, this is a failed return to Parliament. & Nbsp;

But the damage could be felt for a long time. & Nbsp;

Mr. O'Toole already drags a deficit of authenticity in the population and even within his party. & Nbsp;

His refocusing may be necessary, but he was done without consulting his members or his deputies. & nbsp; & nbsp;

The “real blue” with Republican overtones softened to occupy the center. & nbsp;

And then there were the about-faces on guns and the carbon tax. & nbsp;

We like to accuse the Liberals of arrogance and the Conservatives of having a “hidden agenda”.

That's wondering if they're not doing it on purpose to maintain the unflattering epithet. & nbsp;

How many, Mr. O'Toole, let's get it over with, once and for all?

How much, Mr. O & rsquo; Toole, that we finish?

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