How much can you drink: safe dose of alcohol

How much can you drink: safe dose of alcohol

In the world determine safe amount of alcohol. A new study shows that damage can cause a relatively small amount of alcohol.

1 January 2019 at 19:35


Сколько можно пить: безопасная доза алкоголя

Сколько можно пить: безопасная доза алкоголя

Calculating the impact of alcohol on the body, doctors operate on “conditional units”: one unit of alcohol take 10 ml of pure alcohol (ethanol). In the UK, allowed the use of 14 “units” per week. In the United States those standards about 190 ml per week for men and two times less for women in Canada 204/136 ml, respectively.

According to Ministry of health of the Russian Federation (2017), a man with a low health risk to drink one bottle of fortified wine (18% alcohol) a week, or a shot of vodka twice a day. For women, these parameters were set at two glasses of dry wine with a volume of 100 milliliters and fortress 13 degrees, or a glass of champagne with a volume of 150 milliliters, or one glass of vodka a day. Excess dosage raises the risk level.

In addition, there are online calculators allowing you to calculate its dependence on the regular consumption of alcohol.

There are other sources, which you can navigate: in 2018, a study was published from Cambridge University. Scientists have studied the habits and health status 599 912 persons from 19 countries, and found that harmless weekly dose may not exceed 100 ml of pure alcohol.

At the beginning of the study, people had no diseases of the cardiovascular system. Moreover, almost half of people drinking this amount of alcohol in a week their body has received about 100 ml of ethanol. Large doses, over 300 ml per week, allow myself about 8% of the surveyed people.

Comparing data on the health status after 7.5 years, the researchers found that the risk of heart attack by 48% lower in those who drank at least 100 ml ethanol per week. Double dose, according to scientists, can contribute to the reduction of the life period of 1-2 years. If you use more than 350 ml a week life could be reduced by 4-5 years.

In addition to the heart attack, the excess of alcohol leads to increased risk of heart failure, hypertension, aortic aneurysms and stroke.

Small crib:
100 ml of pure alcohol contains, for example, 10 glasses of dry wine (150 ml) or 10 shots (30ml) of vodka and 1 bottle of vodka with a volume of 0.7 l is double the maximum weekly limit.

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