How much does a national director of public health earn?

How much does a national director of public health earn?

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Things are moving in Quebec: the D r Horacio Arruda has left office after 22 months of pandemic and it is the D r Luc Boileau who takes over the reins. But is that a good situation, national director of public health?

No surprise: being a senior civil servant makes paying bills easy. But interesting fact: ten of them earn more than $ 300,000 annually … and the Premier of Quebec is not one of them!

Luc Boileau

Former Assistant Deputy Minister at the Directorate General of Public Health and National Director of Public Health, Dr Horacio Arruda, had been paid a salary of $ 305,000 since his contract renewal last August. In 2020, this salary was instead $ 282,000. An increase of $ 23,000, anyway!

These amounts do not take into account his annual allowance of $ 14,700 to cover his living expenses in Quebec, Dr. Arruda residing instead in Sainte -Thérèse. & Nbsp;

By way of comparison, our Prime Minister François Legault received $ 205,793 during the last year.

Among the other highest paid senior civil servants in Quebec is the CEO of Hydro-Quebec, Sophie Brochu, at the top of the list, with a salary of $ 598,560. She is followed by the president of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Charles Emond. The latter receive a salary of $ 550,000.

Other leaders who pocket more than $ 300,000

Guy LeBlanc & nbsp;

CEO of Investissement Québec & nbsp;

$ 500,000 & nbsp;

Louis Morisset

CEO of the Autorité des marchés financiers & nbsp;

$ 465,905 & nbsp;

Lynne Lazarovitz-Roiter

CEO of the Company des lotteries du Québec & nbsp;

437,424 $ & nbsp;

Catherine Dagenais

CEO of the Société des alcools du Québec & nbsp;

$ 436,492 & nbsp;

Lucie Opatrny

Assistant Deputy Minister in the General Directorate of University, Medical, Nursing and pharmaceuticals & nbsp;

$ 362,940

Pierre Gfeller

CEO of the McGill University Health Center

$ 331,342 & nbsp;

Yves Ouellet

Secretary General and City Clerk, Department of the Executive Council & nbsp;

$ 330,640 & nbsp;

Philippe P. Huneault

Quebec delegate in Los Angeles & nbsp;

$ 322,805

< em> Source: Government of Quebec, as of March 31, 2021

With information from Jean-Michel Ge nois Gagnon and Andrea Valeria

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