How not to like the Canadian?

How not to like the Canadian?


Martin St-Louis is never drab in his press briefings. It often has catchy quotes. Like this one after his team's third straight win over the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night at the Bell Centre: “We don't look at the standings. We present. »

The Canadiens coach was responding to a question from Luc Gélinas who pointed out to him that his team had scored points in seven of its last eight games.

Before making his statement, St-Louis had indicated that he not be aware of this statistic. If I understood correctly, the ranking is not displayed in the locker room, according to what he said.

Conquered amateurs

S he has no reason to deviate from this practice, amateurs are amazed when they consult the rankings.

They do not get carried away, however, knowing very well that a season is not played in 15 games. Even less when it comes to a team in reconstruction. 

But they are happy. They like what they see. They appreciate the spectacle that their team gives them. They are conquered by this formation which goes out of its way to win.

Most players contribute. The best excel, the less talented do all they can to help.

What's not to like?

They keep us in front of our televisions. How many times in recent years have we changed jobs? Many had given up.

Canadians games were no longer part of their ritual. Broadcasters need to be happy with the ratings.

And the lottery?

Of course, there are conscientious objectors. Those are waiting for the Canadian to crash to crash.

They fear the Habs are getting out of the Connor Bedard lottery.

If the talented Regina Pats center is labeled the best player of the 2023 Draft, others highly rated prospects will be available.

St-Louis has never played to lose and it's not going to start today.

We're no longer neither in 1984.

That year, the Penguins and the New Jersey Devils competed in awkwardness to finish last in the general standings, in order to get their hands on the first draft pick, which turned out to be a certain Mario Lemieux.

The institution of the lottery in 1995 changed the game.

Suzuki: the right choice

You could also say that St -Louis knew what he was doing when he offered the captaincy to Nick Suzuki at the end of last season.

Without saying that I didn't trust Suzuki, I wondered how he would react with the C on his sweater.

I thought that his new contract would create enough pressure on him. But we can see that nothing is bothering him.

Let's also give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

Marc Bergevin pulled off a smash hit when he obtained Suzuki in the exchange who sent Max Pacioretty to the Golden Knights in Vegas.

It was, by far, his best transaction during his ten-year reign as general manager of the Canadiens.

The arrival of St. Louis behind the bench of the Habs allowed Suzuki to boost his confidence, just like Cole Caufield, it goes without saying.

The young center player has a record of 22 goals and 31 assists for a total of 53 points in 52 games under the direction of St. Louis.

Speaking the real things

The < em>coach is awesome.

The first time St-Louis told me about his interest in the coaching job was during the AFC Finals. 'Is between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Boston Bruins in 2011.

I came back to the subject with him in the days before his induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2018.

“I like being in the trenches, I think I can push the players, he said.

Coaching is managing people . »

Today, we know he does it well.

How not to love the Canadian?