How not to overpay when selecting a smartphone: the TOP 5 technical frauds

For any of the advertised functions don’t overpay in modern smartphones

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 09:19

Как не переплатить при выборе смартфона: ТОП-5 технических обманов

Don’t be fooled

Smartphone manufacturers are doing everything they can to make you believe that they create the best device with refined design, exclusive quality, powerful hardware stuffing, a fantastic camera and other things, which, allegedly, is not the competition, and for that overpay. This is achieved by the manipulation of advertising, marketing tricks or technical defined above. But don’t be fooled. In this material, “Today” will tell you which things in the world of smartphones is not worth to overpay.

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The pixel density of the screen

Как не переплатить при выборе смартфона: ТОП-5 технических обманов

The difference you will not see

Pixel density (ppi) on the screens of smartphones are very overrated. It was true before the release of the iPhone 4 with its Retina screen, when the pixel density reached 300ppi. The picture clarity on the screen when this indicator becomes very high, but in fact is the limit, when the human eye tell the difference between a screen with less pixel density. Higher the difference will be noticeable only under the microscope.

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However, producers from year to year increase resolution displays with every new smartphone. In the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 10 pixel density reached 498 ppi at a resolution of 1440 x 3040 points is a record figure, but the average user will not notice. Have a fresh iPhone 11 the screen resolution just 828 x 1792 pixels (326 ppi), but when compared to the Note 10 the difference in image clarity is not visible to the naked eye.

Moreover, high resolution adversely affects the battery life of mobile devices, so iPhone 11 with his newyawka screen even wins. On the other hand, Samsung is also envisaged and implemented in their smartphones function change the resolution to a lower: the picture quality is not falling, but while battery life increases substantially.

The megapixels

Как не переплатить при выборе смартфона: ТОП-5 технических обманов

The megapixels don’t matter

Now the buyers have formed the opinion that the quality of the camera of the smartphone is determined by its number of megapixels. It is fundamentally not true. The number of megapixels in cameras of phones can really help to improve the quality of the image, but only to a certain extent. When you look at the image on a tiny phone display or print it, millions of additional pixels no longer matter. Much more important aperture and quality optics.

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For comparison, the recently released Xiaomi smartphone Redmi Note 8 Pro 64 camera. Of course, it’s an outstanding indicator. However, detailed examination shows that the images are generated using interpolation – artificial increasing image resolution. Therefore, it is not surprising that the pictures for iPhone Pro 11 Max 12 MP will be much better than Xiaomi c 64 MP.

Fashionable design smartphone

Как не переплатить при выборе смартфона: ТОП-5 технических обманов

Replace the fragile shell is is very expensive

The smartphone is an important financial investment. But for most buyers it’s not a status thing, a gadget for everyday use. Smartphone during the years of operation covered with scratches, chipped, cracks and dents, and most of the damage will not save even the most durable case. Why pay more for glass or ceramic housing not worth it, because after accidental damage replacement will be very expensive.

The thickness of the body

Как не переплатить при выборе смартфона: ТОП-5 технических обманов

Slim body – great sacrifices

Many mobile phone manufacturers bragging about how they could make the casing is incredibly thin, making it easier and more convenient. But it is silent of the fact, the sacrifices had to go to the engineers in the design of that hull. As compensation for such subtle pleasure considerable: reduced battery capacity, more energy-efficient processor without proper cooling, as a consequence of a very slow smartphone at the slightest heat from the throttle.


Как не переплатить при выборе смартфона: ТОП-5 технических обманов

Why so much RAM?

Once the memory has dropped in price, manufacturers immediately began to build up it in their mobile devices “to heaven”. Of course, the built-in flash memory is important as it allows you to store more photos, videos, apps and other content. But RAM, working directly with the processor supposedly should speed up the smartphone. So was born smartphones with the amount of RAM up to 12 GB. Why so many?

Theoretically, this amount of RAM helps with multitasking. But in fact Android is designed so that he unloads unused apps from RAM if they consume too much charge. It turns out that an impressive amount is simply not used and is idle.

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For example, Apple is not even claimed by the amount of RAM in their iPhone 11, and he’s very modest, compared with the flagships on the Android is only 4 GB, and mobile device much faster than models with 8 GB and even 12 GB. In turn, a two-year Samsung Galaxy S8 with 4 GB RAM works as fast as older models, why pay more?

A large amount of RAM is justified only, if you like mobile video games like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile Call of Duty Mobile – these games are very demanding on RAM. The rest of the users will have 4 GB of RAM.

Recall that previously we described why you should not buy expensive smartphones. We have also compiled a list of TOP 5 smartphones that can be profitable to resell.

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