How the stars stay in shape: Kamensky doesn’t like the diet and Jamal calories

It turned out that some avoid celebrity diets, others on the contrary hold them

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Как звезды поддерживают форму: Каменских не любит диеты, а Джамала считает калории

Jamal and Nastya Kamensky

Exclusive program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs weekdays at 6:30 on the channel “Ukraine”, a famous Ukrainian artists shared the secrets of slim figure and told about his attitude to diets.

It turns out that not all famous people adhere to strict diets: some celebrities come up with your own recipes harmony, some turn to the nutritionists, and some do not accept the word “diet”.

“Without dieting impossible to keep yourself in shape. If at a certain time, especially in the early years, you can eat anything you like – a Burger, French fries, etc., and it melted, it is unknown how and where, now even water makes you fat,” – said in the broadcast channel “Ukraine” Kamaliya.

Как звезды поддерживают форму: Каменских не любит диеты, а Джамала считает калории


Popular singer Jamal told that from time to time refers to various formulas, slim figure, and even allows himself to eat tasty for the night.

“I sat on a diet and about a month it was stuck – when I counted calories. For example, the 350 calories in the morning, lunch and dinner 5 times per day were fed. And literally the second week I noticed a cool result. After six hours at night, I can eat cheese, but no sugar,” he shared his personal experience in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” Jamal.

But some do not share this attitude to diets. Michelle Andrade, for example, admitted that he does not like even the word “diet” and never agree.

“Diets can only spoil their health. With me it was so. And after that I don’t like the word “diet” and eat right 6 times a day and normal, human and not small portions,” says Michelle Andrade.

Как звезды поддерживают форму: Каменских не любит диеты, а Джамала считает калории

Michelle Andrade

Surprised by his statement NK | Nastya Kamensky, saying that does not comply with any of the diets.

“I’m not on a diet. I just eat right. And no – without labour nothing would happen. Night don’t eat – I don’t like it. I used to eat and the last meal was at six in the evening,” shared the air “the Wound W with Ukraine” NK | Nastya Kamensky.

But the star men this is not so worried. Most of them the question about diets responded with humor.

“I’ve been on the detox exactly 3 hours laughing says Dmitry Kolyadenko, I drank one bottle, and I had to drink another seven pieces. I ran to the fridge and started to eat all things like – bacon, sausage, sausage, bread, potato fry”.

Как звезды поддерживают форму: Каменских не любит диеты, а Джамала считает калории

Dmitry Shurov with his wife Olga

Dmitry Shurov shares his views on food with his wife. The well-known actor said that as an experiment once got on a strict diet: “my wife tried. I just, you know, out of solidarity sat down with her on Dukan, and I can tell you is hell” – says the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” Dmitry Shurov.

For Paul Zibrova is all about his schedule and active lifestyle: “I lead an active lifestyle, because I live in the country, and now spring and need to cut the trees to cultivate, to till, to feed – you have to monitor them. And I have a garden of trees forty plus shepherd dog, and when we bypass our economy – all the cats that were, we broke up. And what could be the diet, when all you do is shovel, rake, pitchfork and axe out instantly?”, says in the broadcast channel “Ukraine” Pavlo Zibrov.

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