How to accelerate old smartphone: TOP 5 ways

Ways to improve the speed of your old handset on Android

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Как ускорить старый смартфон: ТОП-5 способов

Five simple tips that will help return your smartphone to its former “youth”

With time every smartphone becomes overloaded with applications, files, and processes in the background that lead to slower operation. Especially this subject is the device of budget segment or just outdated. Sometimes this situation is so exacerbated that the smartphone starts to slow down and becomes completely unusable.

Such performance issues is quite possible to fix by a series of optimizations, cleaner, garbage, uninstall some unused applications, update mobile operating system. Of course, this refers to those occasions when the smartphone has no hardware problems, only software.

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If you have a favorite, but old smartphone that works long and slow, but I want to prolong his life, we have prepared five simple but useful tips that will help him to regain the “youth”.

Update applications

Regular updating of applications allows developers to fine-tune the performance of your software for various smartphones, including the oldest.

The updates are often released to fix bugs and add new features, keeping them optimized for all the devices on which they work. At least in theory. This is especially important for users of Android smartphones, as the platform is very fragmented and it have a lot of different configurations (processors, screen resolutions, memory types), which means a potential risk for incompatibility.

Как ускорить старый смартфон: ТОП-5 способов

Often update apps on Android

If you are a user of Android, just open the Google Play Store, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen (sandwich menu) and select “My apps & games”. Here you will find the big green button that says “Update all” – click on it and you are on your way to the latest versions of your applications that are available.

Disable auto update

It may sound illogical after we gave the Council updates the apps. That’s right – to update apps you need. However, older and slower smartphones with automatic updates can slow down the smartphone, because it requires considerable computing power. The smartphone needs to download and unpack the software, check the package for integrity, install it and create shortcut. Better do it manually.

Как ускорить старый смартфон: ТОП-5 способов

On Android go to the Google Play Store, open settings, then select “Auto-update apps” and select “do Not update apps”.

Clear your browser cache

For a year or two spent with a smartphone, you’ll be surprised at how much space you can take the old cached image and unused applications that may cause anything from performance degradation to the warnings about insufficient memory. The cache helps with less traffic and faster loading web pages, but when it is going to very much, it only hurts.

Useful that Google provides built-in tools that will help you maintain the cleanliness of the smartphone browser with one click.

Как ускорить старый смартфон: ТОП-5 способов

If you use the mobile Chrome browser, open it and go to the settings app. Scroll down and click “Personal data”. Next, click on “Clear browsing data”. Here you can choose which data types to view you want to clean. Such a simple procedure really helps to free up space on the internal storage.

To remove unused applications

Applications that have not been used for several months, should be removed, especially on older smartphones. They not only take up space and lead to a shortage of memory, which can slow down your phone, but also can generate background processes, and when they overlap each other, these processes place an enormous strain on the smartphone.

Как ускорить старый смартфон: ТОП-5 способов

Find it in the app settings Android unused and delete

Go to “Settings” then “Applications”, and pay attention to which ones take up the most space. If the program have not been used – feel free to remove it.

Install Lite versions of the apps

Software developers such as Facebook or Microsoft, to create “lightweight” versions of commonly installed applications for users of older devices or smartphones with low memory. Lightweight versions of these applications are much smaller, which is achieved due to the refusal of many the beauty of the graphics, animations and other “buns” – everything is made in favor of maximum performance.

Как ускорить старый смартфон: ТОП-5 способов

Facebook Lite is only 1.3 MB, while the full app is 51 MB

Such applications are not numerous, but they are popular and save precious megabytes on the drive, while the functionality is not inferior to the full versions:

  • Facebook Lite (1.3 MB)
  • Facebook Messenger Lite (7 MB)
  • Google Maps Go (175 KB)
  • Gmail Go (9,9 MB)
  • LINE Lite (6.2 MB)
  • Skype Lite (18 MB)
  • YouTube Go (9,1 MB)

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