How to become better: something to read for the development of

Summer is the perfect time to work on myself and read books

Elena Kuzmich

8 July, 19:03

Как стать лучше: что почитать для развития

Something to read for the development of

Summer is a wonderful time for a vacation, when finally there is a time to rest and to work on yourself. So the summer months should be used wisely and be sure to read a few books for their own development.

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Often the change of age we are perceived negatively, they say, old age is not far off, however, our selection of books will tell you how to use your age for the benefit of themselves, to perceive their growing up and become more wise.

Как стать лучше: что почитать для развития

What books to read for development in 20 years

Tina Seelig “What you should know in your 20?”

A kind of intensive summer search in this world provides American author Tina Seelig. This book will teach you how to come up with fresh ideas and “make yourself” in our challenging environment. “What you should know in your 20?” is a must – have on the bookshelf for all those looking for their path in life. This is a wonderful example of story about motivation, dreams and goals, as well as private development. We will add that Tina Seelig teaches at Stanford University course on entrepreneurship and innovation, and this book will help you with advice not only to young 20-year-old children, but people who are looking for a solution to a business problem, you want to get breakthrough thinking and learn about innovation in business.

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Life gives each person plenty of opportunity to experiment, so you need to use them for their own development.

Как стать лучше: что почитать для развития

Something to read for development in 40 years

Pamela Druckerman “Adults do not exist. Life after 40”

Rules do not exist – neither in 20 years, as in the previous book, and in 40 years. American writer, author of the bestseller “French parenting” Pamela Druckerman is the Ukrainian reader the unexpected book, about growing up, and it proves that there is life after 40 years. In this book you will find answers to the questions that worry 40-year-old, but if you have not yet reached that age, then try to understand what to expect.

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Midlife crisis, challenges at work, finding life wisdom and advice on love and friendship are waiting for you in this book to really work on yourself, become better version of themselves and to develop. The author imbues the seemingly serious book irony and a peculiar sense of humor, so we promise to not miss it. But to have a notebook to write down interesting thoughts, really suggest. So add this book to your check-list of literature for reasonable growth and development. This book is a wonderful reboot of attitude and a large portion of smart thinking and positive.

Как стать лучше: что почитать для развития

Something to read about old age

William Schmidt “peace of mind. What we gain when you get older”

Your attention is another book for development at any age. The philosopher Wilhelm Schmid offers to find the positive in growing up and aging. From his point of view, growing up is not a problem but an opportunity to develop and search for resources. In particular, the greatest treasure for adults in his book he calls psychological balance. For example, in this book, you can find top 10 tips on how to get the peace of mind to their own harmony and development. This book can be safely taken as a guide and signpost for those who are growing up and finding herself. The author notes that maturing is an art to the skillful treatment of aging, so you need to find the potential for development. Be sure to read this book to learn how to get peace of mind and equilibrium, and why is it necessary for work.

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