How to celebrate Christmas well in isolation

How good it was Christmas in isolation

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Parents whose children are isolated due to COVID must compete in their imaginations to offer them a Merry Christmas anyway.

“Every family is going to have to reinvent her Christmas in isolation, ”says Philippa Favreau.

Her 11-year-old daughter Léana tested positive for COVID-19 after an outbreak in her classroom. However, the other members of her family received negative results. & Nbsp;

For the little one, Christmas will therefore take place in solitude and isolation, in her room.


But Philippa Favreau did not see herself postponing the opening of the presents after December 25, as her children look forward to it. “We got N95 masks, we will ventilate, we will keep our two meters, and [Léana] will be with us”, she specifies. & Nbsp;

The mother from Montreal has also planned activities that can be played from a tablet, so that the whole family can participate. & nbsp;

“We will postpone the more festive Christmas dinner a day or two later, when [Léana] will be able to go out, ”continues Ms. Favreau. & nbsp;

Léana’s grandparents, who live outside Canada, have decided to cancel their visit due to the current situation.

The little one feels guilty and cried a lot when receiving her result. “We try a lot to work on this and tell him: 'It's not your fault, you have nothing to do with it',” says Ms. Favreau.

Special delivery

Stéphanie Packwood's two children will receive their presents Friday evening directly from the North Pole, since Santa Claus will come to take his turn on their balcony. & nbsp;

The youngest, who is one year old, was in contact with an educator at the daycare who tested positive. As she cannot be isolated from her parents, the whole family has confined themselves.

Ms Packwood was especially worried for her five-year-old daughter, who has not been able to celebrate adequately for two years. & Nbsp ;

“Last year Christmas was canceled. In kindergarten, her Christmas party was canceled because [school closed]. I tell myself that this is the last year that she believes in Santa Claus, so I was going to do everything [for her], ”she explains.

So she said in search of a person ready to personify Santa Claus outside his house in Lac-Saint-Charles, in Quebec. & nbsp;

In ten minutes, more than twenty actors of one evening offered to each other. & nbsp;

It will finally be Stéphanie Packwood's neighbor, whom she did not know before, who will deliver the gifts to the two girls.

“The children will fail! […] Finally, we found some things and we are going to make it magical, ”she said, happy with this outcome.

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