How to choose a school uniform: important tips

Find out what you should pay attention when choosing school uniforms for boys and girls

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Как выбрать школьную форму: важные советы

How to choose a school uniform for girls and boys

On the nose a new school year, new season, and new achievements. Time to think about “gear”, despite the fact that in 2019 the school uniform is not compulsory, according to the decree of the President.

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Only the parents and the school administration decides what clothing the child will learn. And still beautiful “business suit” for the child – a must have, as for office staff.

We will try to answer the question of how to choose a school uniform, to help you avoid mistakes in buying of school uniforms for girls and boys, to save energy money and to please the children new clothes to worn in a treat.

How to choose a school uniform

Regardless of whether mandatory or not, school uniform is a database that can be combined with something to complement and diversify. Besides, it’s a good way to save the family budget.

Now the school clothes are so stylish, beautiful and varied that you can find something suitable will not be any problems. To pick up a beautiful and comfortable school uniform to a child, you need to pay attention to several points.

Как выбрать школьную форму: важные советы

September 1: tips for choosing school uniforms

  • Perfect composition

Remember: at school the child spends at least half a day. Because we pay special attention to the composition of the fabric (mismatched can cause allergies and lead to various diseases).

Therefore, the fabric should be natural, and the product is a mandatory tag indicating the fabric composition and icons explaining how to care for the product. If you see the icon cleaning – better not to take such a thing.

No polyester: it hovers, breaking the heat exchange in the body, it is electrified and can cause allergies.

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Ideal – 100% viscose or polyviscose with the addition of 40 % polyester and other materials, the jackets allowed 55% – to maintain shape and durability.

Cotton and linen are great options for warm weather, wool and cashmere for winter.

The lining should be natural, better, viscose.

Как выбрать школьную форму: важные советы

Pay attention to composition of school uniforms

  • Size & fit
  1. At the stage of fitting ask the child to move around: sit, bend and raise hands – how comfortable? Clothes should not squeeze, but also to grow into not worth buying, after all, to carry her child will be this season, not ever. In addition, when the child grows up – will look worn.
  2. Consider the child’s wishes: the clothes he must like me.
  3. Cut can be any, but still too thin models (pants, jackets, skirts) are best avoided, kids grow up fast.
  • Basic set

Pre-be sure to ask what cut and color is adopted in your school. When you purchase forms, pick up items of clothing to get several options and you can combine among themselves.

A basic set looks like this:

  • boys: pants, shirt/t-shirt, blazer/jacket, classic vest/ knitwear, turtlenecks, sweaters, Golf/Raglan, tie/butterfly;
  • girls: skirt, blazer/jacket, dress/dress 2-4 blouses, vest, Golf/Raglan sleeves/sweater, shirt/t-shirt, trousers.

Как выбрать школьную форму: важные советы

School uniform should be comfortable

You can buy directly first suit on September 1, to see how worn, and then Supplement. Socks, underwear and sweaters, and jackets under the jacket – for the cold season, the rest on warm. Elegance will impart a bow on the blouse of the girl and butterfly or bow tie of the boy. But again, it all depends on preferences and the accepted dress code in school, if one exists.

  • Colors

Dwell on the classics – and not go wrong. If it prints – to-date and always in fashion classic “cage” and “tartan”, as well as strip. Elegant and restrained school uniform in the box will fit any girl and looks very nice.

An interesting element can be bright colored buttons on the jacket or blouse. If the form is in the cage, pick up things in the colors that are present on it, then the image will be harmonious and stylish.

Как выбрать школьную форму: важные советы

School uniform plaid trendy

Color is better to choose neutral and universal: it is black, gray, blue, Burgundy, dark green that you can mix together. Psychologists say that green and blue colors stimulate a child’s mental abilities, Burgundy helps to develop discipline, and grey tones are calming.

Grey form a great mix with shirt brown, blue, beige, green shades; blue goes well with brown and black with any color.

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Как выбрать школьную форму: важные советы

Как выбрать школьную форму: важные советы

Как выбрать школьную форму: важные советы


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