How to choose a spill-resistant column?

Choose a system with protection from water

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Как выбрать влагозащищенную колонку?

On a beach summer vacation can not do without your favorite music, and so we need portable speakers. These handy, portable gadgets can be used anywhere — by the pool, on the beach, while Hiking or traveling.

Acoustics is both conventional and protected from water. The second is much more reliable since it does not should be carefully protected from the spray. What is their main difference and which brand is the coolest? Helped us to understand the experts Citrus

What is the peculiarity of the acoustics with protection from moisture?

Each model is weatherproof speakers has a certain degree IPXX(from the English. Ingress Protection Rating). Instead of using XX manufacturers put special numbers, which correspond to the level of protection — for example 44, 68 or 77. The higher the number – the greater the protection.

This mark is used by all popular brands that produce portable speakers:

  • JBL;
  • Divoom;
  • Sony;

The higher IPXX — the better the protection. In General, speakers can be divided into two types:

  • With splash protection.
    Have a standard IP44, which is enough to protect from rain, accidental contact with water and sand.
  • With a degree of protection IP57-IPX7. This gadget has an incredibly tough design, shock-proof, water-proof and resistant to dust. The device can be immersed in water to a depth of 1 m for up to 30 minutes.

Which brand to choose?

Sound speakers from top brands just great — deep bass, high and low frequencies. JBL focuses on the huge selection of goods. Also created several lines of acoustics unusual design.

6 top series JBL:

  • Clip 2;
  • Charge 3,4;
  • Flip 4;
  • JBL GO;
  • JRPOP — series for children;
  • Premium speakers JBL XTREME.

Among the advantages of JBL speakers — large selection of bright colors and shapes available price offers. The cost of waterproof speakers, starts from 999 UAH.

The variety of styles is surprising Divoom — another flagship in the world of portable speakers. The major brands Sony, AIR MUSIC, Philips make the emphasis on sound quality, the availability of modern technology and reliability.

10 main pieces waterproof acoustics

  1. The propagation of sound is 360 degrees for maximum surround sound;
  2. The simple remote control with your smartphone;
  3. Freedom from wires thanks to Bluetooth technology, support signal up to 30 meters;
  4. The presence of a controllable backlight — breathe into your life bright colors with unusual light and sound;
  5. Able to wear the acoustics in the backpack or bag using the carabiner;
  6. Autonomous work up to 20-30 hours in the listening mode;
  7. Built-in speakerphone, microphone for communication;
  8. The opportunity to join a wireless network, more than 100 speakers (the JBL Connect+)
  9. Charging via network or USB;
  10. The ability to charge your smartphone or tablet from acoustics, using it as a power bank;

Smart features of waterproof speakers

Music control happens with the help of new technology — built-in wireless module, which syncs with Android and iOS. And yet the column can be used as an alarm clock or as a beautiful night light with light.

Power portable speaker systems is from 20 to 60 watts and that is enough for an apartment or listening to music in nature. And all this in a pretty short time to full charge is 2 to 4 hours.

Each column has a standard 3.5 mm Jack for headphones. Some models have the ability to receive incoming calls and other useful features.

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