How to clean shoes made of nubuck: video

Rules cleaning nobukawa shoes

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Как чистить обувь из нубука: видео

Clean nubuck in the home

Nubuck is one of the most difficult content, which is hard to take care of. And how to do it at home – the question is not of the easiest. For tough dirt, shoes are best taken to the dry cleaner, and the daily pollution you need to learn how to care for nubuck and you will prolong the life of your favorite shoes.

How to clean shoes made of nubuck?

  • Nubuck leather special processing, which requires some care;
  • If your shoes are nubuck is dirty, it cannot be wet under running water. And better in at all in wet weather to leave the house;
  • In any case, to care not use the tools in the butter-fat basis;
  • Order nubuck remained smooth, no need to forcibly RUB the surface with a cloth;
  • Best for cleaning use a special brush, which should be treated with a spray to restore colour.

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Drying after wet cleaning nubuck better away from the heat where well ventilated room. And to spare your favorite pair of shoes from dirt, apply a protective water-repellent spray, which does not allow moisture to penetrate the material.

That will help get rid of stains on the nubuck?

  • Grease stains will help to cope talc and starch;
  • Shampoo for cleaning traces of liquid mud;
  • Ammonia solution for cleaning white stains from salt and deep streaks;
  • Also clean away dirt and stains will help you a hot steam – hold the shoes over a pot of boiling water. Then gently Pat the brush on the surface.

How to clean nubuck in the home, see the video step by step instructions:

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