How to counter hackers to play without problems

How to counter hackers to play without problems


Video games are exciting, no doubt about it, but far from your virtual opponents, real hackers have fun getting their hands on your data or your accounts, where big dollars.  

Whether you play a free or paid online game, there are potentially hundreds of dollars in fees in your Fortnite, PUBG Lite or Overwatch accounts as reported by the firm NordVPN on its site. Hacking most accounts is not very difficult as many gamers do not take basic cyber security precautions. Once they have taken control of your account, they may be able to: 

  • listen to your game conversations and read your conversations. < /li>
  • enter your login details to break into other accounts (e.g. social media); 
  • stealing your details in phishing attacks to get even more information from you; 
  • selling your details on the dark web; 
  • get hold of your payment information to buy virtual currencies, send them to the attacker's account, and then resell them on the gaming platform or on the dark web; or 
  • use your account to launder money.  

How hackers get into your account ? 

The Minecraft or Roblox account you created years ago before you had any decent knowledge of cybersecurity is probably protected by a weak password. Easy to find in a few attempts using the tools made available to hackers, such a password remains the main flaw to plug.

To carry out an attack, the hacker only needs your username or email address. Then a bot (program) will do much of its undermining work.

Worse still, if you reuse your passwords, the hacker will likely try to reuse the same login data on others platforms, like your bank or email accounts. This is called a credential stuffing attack.

Data security breach

Data breaches and leaks are another gold mine for hackers. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to protect yourself, as it depends on the cybersecurity of the company that stores your data on their servers.

If they keep your passwords passes in the clear, it is very likely that they will end up on the dark web and in the hands of a hacker.

By malware or cross-site scripting

Cross-site scripting is another type of attack widely used by hackers to steal your login data. How does it work? Some website servers do not reconfirm authentication each time they exchange information. Hackers use this vulnerability to inject scripts into the website's user interface, which can then be used to steal information you have entered on this site.

Bait you with fake games< /h3>

Hackers may also try to trick you into downloading malware. For example, if you want a game that was not released in your country of residence, you can decide to download it from a P2P website. Hackers know which games are popular and they can use them as bait. Don't be tempted to download malware posing as a new game release.


Phishing can also be used to trick you into clicking on malicious or spoofed links. For example, Fortnite players have been tricked into clicking on links posted in gaming forums offering them virtual tokens and other free or discounted paraphernalia. In reality, these links were part of a cross-site scripting attack that allowed hackers to break into players' accounts.

Ways to protect yourself

Ways to protect yourself protecting against hackers are both simple and effective.

Use complex and long passwords. As these are impossible to remember, use a password manager. 

Enable 2FA or two-factor authentication. Thus, it will be twice as difficult to break into your game account or email account. What would happen if someone managed to hack one of your accounts? Hackers will now need physical access to your phone to get a second verification code.

Know how to recognize phishing threats. The easier it is for you to recognize them, the more likely you are not to fall for them.

Use a virtual private network (Virtual Private Network) which gives you a private communication channel whose ends are mutually authenticated, using the infrastructure of a public network, most often the Internet, in order to transmit data protected through the use of encryption techniques.

This method will encrypt your traffic and hide your IP address from all hackers and snoopers. It will also protect you from DDoS attacks and bandwidth throttling from ISPs.

Good virtual private networks are paid subscription services. The best ones are fast, have plenty of servers in major cities, and work on all your devices; Mac or Windows computers and your iOS or Android phones and tablets. 

To give you an idea of ​​the price, my subscription costs me $115 for two years.


It's not just consumers who shop online, hackers have you in their sights!

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