How to determine the ideal floor according to your projects

How to determine the ideal floor for your projects



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How to determine the floor ideal for your projects

Are you planning renovation work at home and you have to choose a floor? Depending on the room and the atmosphere you want to give to your interior, different options are available to you.

Between laminate flooring, ceramic, hardwood, carpet or vinyl, making the right flooring choice can seem like a headache. To determine the ideal model according to your criteria, trust the expertise of the specialists at Lanctôt Couvre-Sol Design.

Before embarking on your renovations, discover the advantages and disadvantages of each floor type:


Once coveted for bedrooms, stairs and the basement, the carpet has some significant advantages compared to hard floor coverings.

Pros: well-suited for a home theater or game room project, carpet is not only the most sound-absorbing floor covering, but also the one with the greatest sound absorption . In addition to providing softness, comfort and warmth, this floor choice is well suited to small budgets.

Cons: The installation of a carpet is quite complex and requires meticulous work. Not to mention that this type of floor retains dust and is more sensitive to water.

Price category: $

Vinyl flooring

Did you know that it is possible to imitate wood or ceramic thanks to the range of designs and of colors offered in vinyl flooring (in rolls, tiles or slats)? This material can therefore be suitable for all rooms in the house.

Pros:water resistant, easy to install and clean, vinyl flooring is an affordable option compared to ceramic and hardwood.

Cons: if you have animals, note that this floor covering is noisier (noise of high heels and dog claws). It is also less wear-resistant, although it is generally simple to repair.

Price category, roll vinyl: $$
Price category, vinyl planks: $$$

Laminate flooring

Also called laminate or laminate, laminate flooring is a popular coating that offers versatility and comfort.

Pros: this type of flooring is easy to install since all you have to do is lay the planks on a membrane. Laminate flooring is also known to be strong and more affordable than hardwood.

Cons:depending on your tastes and needs, you may find that the choice is limited. Also note that the laminate is sensitive to water and less soundproof (footsteps and dog claws).

 Price category: $$


A favorite choice for kitchens and bathrooms, ceramics are available in a wide range of formats , colors and designs, which will allow you to make room for your creativity.

Pros:in addition to being strong and having a long lifespan, ceramic is the material that best resists water and stains.

Cons: Unless you opt for a radiant heating system, this type of floor will be cold to the feet. In addition, ceramic is quite expensive and it is highly recommended to hire a professional for its installation.

Price category: $$$$

< h2>Hardwood

Hardwood flooring offers a warm and comforting look to interior decor, making it a popular choice.

Pros: easy to install and clean, hardwood works well with all types of decor. It also represents an ecological alternative since its production requires less water and energy.

Cons:hardwood is very sensitive to water and marks easily, so you will have to be at peace with animals and children accelerating its wear. Unsurprisingly, it is the most expensive floor choice due to its noble and natural character, but it offers good value for money.

Price category: $$$$$

Trust the specialists at Lanctôt Couvre-Sol Design – a leading company in the field of flooring in Quebec for 139 years now – to advise you in choosing the ideal floor for your renovation projects.

How to determine the ideal floor according to your projects

Lanctôt Couvre-Sol Design puts its expertise in flooring and design at the service of our customers in order to contribute to the realization of their construction or renovation project or to the creation of their dream living environment, in complete confidence.