How to disable notifications in Chrome: a simple way

A simple way of getting rid of Intrusive notifications in the browser

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 11:25

Как отключить уведомления в Chrome: простой способ

After these tips you will never receive annoying notifications in Chrome

Using the popular Chrome browser, many are faced with the fact that start receiving notifications that will eventually become Intrusive, distracting, and sometimes even begin to irritate their advertising. The fact that users often inadvertently subscribe to notification for yourself, accidentally clicking on a pop-up window in the upper left corner of the browser. There is a way to disable these notifications in Chrome once and for all in a simple way.

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Как отключить уведомления в Chrome: простой способ

Users are often not looking press the button “Enable”

How to block notifications in Chrome for Android

Как отключить уведомления в Chrome: простой способ

On your Android phone in Chrome, open the menu “Settings” by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner. Then select “customize the site” and the option “Notification”. If you no longer wish to receive any communications on the notification subscription, simply turn off this switch, so you turn off all the annoying pop-UPS. Here you can delete all notifications that you are subscribed.

How to disable notification in Chrome on Windows or macOS

Как отключить уведомления в Chrome: простой способ

On a computer or laptop running Windows or macOS, navigate to “Settings”, scroll down and find the “advanced settings” and expand it by clicking. Opens extended list, where you must find the item “site Settings”, then “Notifications”. Turn off notifications by clicking the switch in an inactive state.

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After these two tips you will never receive annoying notifications, websites both on the phone and on the computer.

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