How to enjoy the BBQ even in winter

How to enjoy BBQ even in winter


The leaves are changing color and the cold weather is slowly setting in, but that doesn't necessarily mean the end of BBQ season. For a long time, BBQ was associated with hot summer weekends, but more and more enthusiasts are pursuing their passion for grilling in the colder months. With these tips, it will be possible to enjoy your BBQ even with the whims of Mother Nature.

Here are some tips and advice to make cooking easier in cold weather. It is essential to plan these firings, because the outside temperature plays an important role when it is very cold.

Plan more fuel

As soon as the mercury drops below freezing, the BBQ will take longer to heat up. Therefore, the fuel demand will be greater. For example, propane is less effective in cold weather. This will require more propane to achieve a stable and even heat inside the grill. As for coal, wood and pellets, it is important to keep them away from humidity and to store them properly.

Bring a blanket insulating

Many BBQ manufacturers offer an insulating cover to help maintain the heat of the grill. This accessory is especially popular for pellet BBQs, since their ability to maintain heat inside the BBQ is limited. This simple addition can greatly facilitate your cold weather cooking experience and provide better energy efficiency.

Clear your cooking space

Remove any buildup of snow or ice around your BBQ. This space must remain safe to ensure your movements without risk of falls. In addition, removing these buildups from the tops of BBQs will help keep them in good condition for many years.

Have adequate lighting

With the onset of cold weather also come reduced periods of sunshine. Darkness often sets in when preparing meals. With a simple auxiliary lighting system, it will be easier to keep an eye on your cooking. Several options are available on the market, such as pendant lights and magnetic accent lights for grills.

Dress warmly

Some cooking requires constant supervision, so plan to spend long periods outside near the BBQ. Although the grill will give off some heat, it will not be strong enough to keep you warm. It is therefore necessary to provide appropriate clothing according to the time spent outdoors. Remember that conventional mitts do not replace BBQ gloves. Continue to use these gloves to handle hot objects.

Keep the heat inside the BBQ

After all these efforts to accumulate stable heat inside the BBQ, it would be a shame to start all over again because we are curious and want to open the lid too often. Long cooking times require constant heat, so unnecessary opening of the lid should be avoided as much as possible during these cooking times. The tool par excellence is the probe thermometer, which will give you the necessary information throughout cooking without having to take a look.

Patience is key

In cold weather, everything takes longer: preheating the grill, cooking, maintaining the temperature, etc. It takes some getting used to, but it's only a small price to pay to be able to enjoy our BBQs all year round. Plan your cooking, prepare your BBQ in advance, and give yourself some time to get used to these new cooking times.

If for you the BBQ and the cold don't go well together and you plan to store them for the winter, be sure to clean them properly before. Using a plastic scraper, remove the residue on the walls. Clean the grate well and apply a thin coat of oil to protect it during storage. For propane BBQs, disconnect the tank and check the condition of the burners. If these are damaged or rusty, you will have a few months to order replacement parts before the start of the new season.

Happy BBQ!