How to extend the battery life of your smartphone: TOP 5 ways

How to charge the phone to extend his life – helpful tips from “Today”

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Как продлить жизнь батареи смартфона: ТОП-5 способов

How to charge the smartphone

The battery is the most important component in a smartphone. Not working battery – not working smartphone. However, whatever was the most powerful, modern and expensive mobile gadget, incorrect use batteries can quickly bring it down, and then often have to recharge it, buy powerbank or even to carry in service center for replacement. Moreover, if over time, the smartphone starts to discharge, then came to the end of the battery life.

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There is good news. Lithium-ion batteries in modern smartphones are more reliable and durable. Despite the improvement of their quality, it is still useful to know tips on how to extend battery life so that it worked as long as possible.

Avoid strong discharge

Как продлить жизнь батареи смартфона: ТОП-5 способов

Charging smartphones useful

Chemical reactions within the lithium-ion work in such a way that it is desirable to recharge more often, rather than wait for a full charge, and then fill it from scratch. The batteries of modern smartphones no “memory effect”, therefore the charge, on the contrary, useful and extends the life of your mobile device.

Ideal to maintain the charge level between 50% and 80%. Of course, don’t always work, so whenever possible, try not to let the battery fall below 20%, otherwise there is a big risk to shorten the life of the battery.

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Moreover, you can leave your smartphone connected to a charger all day is does not affect the life of the battery inside is a special controller that will not start the charge at 100%. It is therefore desirable to have a docking station, which can put the cell phone, and then quickly remove it, if you need to get away from the workplace – and the charge will be full and the battery is healthy.

Check the temperature

Как продлить жизнь батареи смартфона: ТОП-5 способов

Batteries do not like extreme temperatures

Modern batteries do not like extreme temperatures. No matter it is intense heat or bitter cold – in both cases they harm the battery. Of course, none of the manufacturers does not expect that the user will carry the smartphone in the heat in the refrigerator and chill for warmer – engineers provided a similar scenario. Therefore, the most comfortable temperature environment for the battery is from 0°C to +35°C. for a Short time allowed to work in the range from -10°C to +45°C. Exceeding these parameters may damage the batteries by the effect of temperature on their chemical composition.

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All smartphones have special fuses that protect against excessive temperature, causing the automatic shutdown. Therefore, if in the cold or in the heat of the smartphone suddenly shut down – so was admitted to the critical temperature.

To avoid damage will help compliance with these rules:

  • Do not run heavy applications for a long time, like demanding video games or videos.
  • Disable geolocation, and network services when they are not needed;
  • Only use the original charger;
  • Don’t wear thick cover without a vent hole;
  • To monitor the temperature of the smartphone, not to allow to overheat or excessively cool;
  • Don’t leave your smartphone in the sun or in a hot room.

These simple precautions will really help the battery live longer.

Better to slow charge than fast

Как продлить жизнь батареи смартфона: ТОП-5 способов

Please use a docking station

Of course, wireless charging is very convenient. Moreover, over the last couple of years they learned to charge a smartphone using “quick mode”, saving our time. But if you want to extend the life of the battery, if possible, use a wired charger or USB port of laptop/powerbank with a weak current is not more than 1.5 And the weaker will be the current, the better for the health of the battery.

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It’s not the fact that wireless charging or fast charging is harmful or that they are going to burn smartphone. Just lithium-ion batteries prefer a slow but steady current, which positively affects durability of elements of Autonomous power.

If charging speed is still more important, it is recommended to use the original charger supplied with your mobile phone or officially certified equivalent from the manufacturer. These chargers are configured so that the battery of your phone worked, as long as possible.

Keep right

Как продлить жизнь батареи смартфона: ТОП-5 способов

Keep smartphones at a lower level of charge

If you are going to use the phone for some time, it is better to store it charged, but not completely, and somewhere at the level of 60-80%. The advice applies to tablets and any other portable devices that are rarely used.

The battery is not eternal

Как продлить жизнь батареи смартфона: ТОП-5 способов

Use the maximum economy mode

Remember that any battery has a limited service life, designed for the cycle charge/discharge. This means the less times you go from full charge to empty, the better. Interesting fact: if you don’t lower the battery level is below 60% and recharge, then the battery will not count it for one cycle.

How to prevent quick discharge: decrease the screen brightness, use headphones instead of built-in speakers often transfer the phone to “flight”. The smaller smartphone is a battery drain, the better for the battery.

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