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Recommendations how to download videos from famous video sharing from Google

Evgeniy Opanasenko

March 20, 15:30

Как бесплатно скачать видео с YouTube: полезные советы

Some useful tips on downloading YouTube videos.

Download video from YouTube officially, you can only sign up for Premium for 99 USD for the month. But what if you want to download videos from YouTube to computer for free, and preferably quickly? Don’t worry, ways to download videos from YouTube to practice quite a lot, but we will tell you the most simple and convenient.

Web services

Downloading videos online frees you from the need to install additional programs. Websites to download work on a simple principle – you find live streaming YouTube video and provide a direct download link. But sometimes these services are not very comfortable and limited in functionality, for example, they have no opportunity to convert or download videos in high resolution.


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The most convenient way to download YouTube videos is to use the service Moreover, the method does not even require to go to the web site you need to do the following:

  • Go to your video, require downloading
  • Add in the URL bar, the letters SS in front of the name and press Enter
  • Next you will be taken to the website where you need to click on the link “download without installing”, then click the green “Download” button and confirm the download of the video.

Как бесплатно скачать видео с YouTube: полезные советы

Demonstrates how to download videos with service

But this method has one drawback – the maximum size for free download of videos is limited to 720p (1280×720).


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Such sites there are thousands, but we recommend to pay attention to tested by us:

  • Н

The principle is simple: visit the web page, insert a link to YouTube video in a special form and after pressing Enter you will be offered direct links to download video in different resolutions.

Programs video downloads for computer

The software is the best way to download online videos from YouTube, free of charge. As a rule, the interface allows you to simply insert the URL of the YouTube video, and loads a version of the highest quality that the application can find. For videos in high definition format 1080p (HD) this is usually a MP4 file format, but for higher quality, the so-called 4K and even 8K, the format of the saved file usually MKV.


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Please note that the file MKV also called Matroska is a container file can contain video with any number of codecs inside. Easy way play them VLC Media Player for Windows which is “omnivorous” player. As for the video downloads here are the best options.

4K Video Downloader

Как бесплатно скачать видео с YouTube: полезные советы

Download video from YouTube using 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a popular program to download videos from YouTube, able to download videos in 4K and 8K. Simply copy the link and paste it in the program, it will do some analysis and provide you the download link. The application is very quick and takes only 30 MB, but for free you can download all 25 videos, and then asked to buy a license key for $ 29.

Download Master

Download Master is a program from the Ukrainian company Westbyte to download any files from the Internet, and the ability to pull videos from YouTube is another useful option. The main feature of Download Master – it is completely free, but it will have to view the ads in its interface.

Как бесплатно скачать видео с YouTube: полезные советы

Downloading videos from YouTube using Download Master

The principle of download the video with it is simple: copy the link from YouTube, paste in the program click “Add”, select the quality of uploaded video and click download – everything else the program itself will do.

Как бесплатно скачать видео с YouTube: полезные советы

Download all videos from YouTube playlist – handy feature Download Master

Have Download Master is an important and extremely useful to be able to upload videos whole playlists – simply copy the link to the collection, and the program will download all videos from a playlist automatically. The program also allows you to speed up download using all the available speed of the Internet channel of the user.

Freemake Video Converter

Как бесплатно скачать видео с YouTube: полезные советы

The button “paste URL” in Freemake Video Converter is responsible for loading videos from YouTube

Another handy and free program to download videos from YouTube. Its main task is to convert videos in different formats than it can do right after downloading clips from YouTube. Principle download as easy: copy the link of the video that are inserted into the program by clicking “Paste URL” button and wait for finish download videos. However, before downloading the first video, you need to authorize your YouTube profile in the program – without it the fix will not start.

Browser extensions

A browser extension can save time, providing a compromise between the installation programs and web services. But this method has one serious limitation – in Google Chrome extensions download videos from YouTube will not work – they are specifically blocked by the company. Therefore we recommend to use Firefox, Opera or any other browser that supports adding plug-ins.

Как бесплатно скачать видео с YouTube: полезные советы

The Video DownloadHelper plugin allows you to easily download videos from YouTube

After installing the plugin, it starts automatically detect the video on the website, at the download options panel extension or adding the button “Download” right under the video.


In Google Chrome there is a very useful feature: how to enable

Here is a list of useful extensions for the browser that will help you download videos from YouTube:

  • FastestTube
  • Video DownloadHelper
  • FVD Video Downloader
  • YouTube Downloader Lite

Как бесплатно скачать видео с YouTube: полезные советы

Download video from YouTube using the Firefox extension – Video DownloadHelper

Recall that recently, YouTube has launched two new service in Ukraine – this was officially announced by Google. And in the summer of 2018, YouTube has a secret feature, available only for owners of smartphones on Android.

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Как бесплатно скачать видео с YouTube: полезные советы

Как бесплатно скачать видео с YouTube: полезные советы

Как бесплатно скачать видео с YouTube: полезные советы


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