How to grow up: read three books about the trials

We found three new books about teenagers, musicians and writers in a variety of styles

Elena Kuzmich

Today, 08:14

Как повзрослеть: прочитайте три книжные новинки об испытаниях

Three books that will help to grow up

Any tests temper us and give us that vital experience, which allows us to grow up. We picked up three new books in completely different styles, but the tests which will help to grow up. Read more in our latest book review.

Как повзрослеть: прочитайте три книжные новинки об испытаниях

Read the review a compilation of three books

Mariam Petrosyan “the House in which …”

The story about this unusual book can be divided into several layers. You can write that this is a story about a boarding school for teenagers with disabilities. However, because of dynamic storytelling this part of the story is forgotten, and we already have a completely different house — a place that is frozen in two dimensions at once — the real and parallel. Between measurements it is possible to walk, but after a year the house will be demolished, and to its unusual inhabitants will choose to leave this dwelling to adulthood or to stay in the house.

It is believed that where there is a large concentration of Teens, and increases the number of poltergeist cases. Perhaps the novel’s characters just like a miracle and it came. Therefore, this book is a kind of allusion to the growing up of adolescents that were all of us. After all, quite comfortable to live in a kind of confined space between childhood and adulthood, with its myths, and very difficult to fully take responsibility for my life.

Also this book can be read as a story about the adaptation of newcomers in an already established team, we often faced. In what key to read the book of Mariam Petrosyan, who nearly two decades collecting dust before publication, serious or fantastic.

Как повзрослеть: прочитайте три книжные новинки об испытаниях

Read three books about the trials

Ketil Bjornstad, “To music”

Music goes through interesting and full of emotions world of young pianists. It became the thread of Ariadne that leads their life ways, their measure of success. The music envelops them and support in difficult moments of life. Music in this novel becomes a strict teacher, and wise counselor for the main character of the book, the young Axl Winding. After the loss of family and love, the only thing that remains the meaning of his life is again music.

The world of music lives in the cruel laws. Therefore, the book “To music” the Norwegian pianist Cecile of Biornstad, which masterfully plays with words, becoming a story not only about growing but about the eternal human integrity and the test of love and death.

Как повзрослеть: прочитайте три книжные новинки об испытаниях

“Ask the dust” is a classic of American literature

John Fante, “Ask the dust”

“Ask the dust” is a classic of American literature, it only recently became available novelty for the Ukrainian reader. Before us, as in the previous books, is a story about a young man who must grow up to become a famous writer. The story is set in Los Angeles during the great depression, where the hero wanders in search of recognition. On the way to literary fame, he falls in love with a hot Mexican waitress Camilla, which also inspires his creativity, and becomes an obstacle to success.

Spice product adds that Mexican passionate constantly laid bare, and the young writer still has not been with a woman.

If you like the film adaptation of the works of this passionate story about growing up can be viewed in the eponymous film directed by Robert Town. However, in the melodramatic film given only a pinch of this fascinating history.

Recall that recently at auction in London for 68.8 thousand pounds was bought the first edition of “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone” with typos.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians are less read. If five years ago 49% of our citizens spent their leisure time with a book, last year I read only 43% of Ukrainians. These are the results of a survey conducted by Research&Branding Group 1802 among Ukrainians in all regions except the uncontrolled territories of Donbass and Crimea. “Today,” found out the reasons for the decline of the Ukrainians in reading.

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