How to increase lips using makeup: video tutorial

Make lips sexy – secrets of make-up

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Как увеличить губы с помощью макияжа: видеоурок

Secrets of lip makeup

Plump lips is the dream of every girl. Someone nature has gifted us with such a pleasant bonus to appearance, but many are not so lucky. Due to the narrow upper lip women often come up with bold ideas to resort to tricks injectable cosmetic treatments.

But do not hurry to run to the beauty shots, the situation can be corrected by using the tricks in makeup visually increase lips with a regular lipstick.

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Before you begin the makeover Today.Lifestyle will share effective tips on how to increase lips at home:

  1. Do regular massage lips. It is necessary to improve blood circulation in the skin cells and for oxygen saturation. The result you can see in a couple of months.
  2. In addition to massage of the lips can also be rubbed into lips with vitamins oils. The nutrients help to improve the color of the lips. Particularly effective is the peppermint oil.
  3. Whistle daily! Yes, this exercise effectively affects the muscles of the lips and also contribute to the visual magnification. In addition also use other exercises: draw circles with your lips, suck them and pull, and you can open your mouth and pull the tongue on the entire length. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, repeat 10 times.
  4. And of course, proper and professional makeup is also visually enlarges the female sponge. For this you need a transparent lip balm, lipstick, a pencil for contour, tissue paper and a highlighter to tick the box on the lip.

Step by step instructions visual lip augmentation with makeup look in this video:

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Как увеличить губы с помощью макияжа: видеоурок

Как увеличить губы с помощью макияжа: видеоурок

Как увеличить губы с помощью макияжа: видеоурок


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